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Hi, my name is glasgowgirl!

Hi looking for advice. I have a severely disabled sister who has both physical and learning disabilities. She has a care package in place which works reasonably well until this afternoon. Her support worker left her on her own in her home as the support worker said my sister was “ agitated and annoyed” We do not leave my sister alone at any time as she is such a high fall risk. A text was sent by the care provider at 1pm to my other sister but wasn’t picked up til 4pm, my disabled sister had been alone and crying since 1pm. We have stressed before that they must phone a member of family if no reply to text. We are horrified that this has happened but the care provider say that she was “left in a safe environment “ The attitude of the manager was breathtakingly awful. We have a meeting with them first thing tomorrow and I am contacting the care commission and her social worker. Do you think this is acceptable behaviour 
Thank you 



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