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Hi, my name is Mikew1978!

Mikew1978Mikew1978 Member Posts: 15 Listener
Is there any advice firstly on u/c and the essement period to change over lwrca, or the lower one. I have been diagnosed with PTSD since the death of my son. This was back in 2010,there were 13 counts of neglect admitted by bdgh. I've now had another breakdown and had to finish August last year', I've just got the esa form and mental health will that and my pip form in.I have mental health core team involved my gp. And a sociol worker who sees mw weekly ho help bring food as I'm left with nothing. I'm currently on mirtazapine 30mg. Zopiclone 75 amlodopine for hight blood pressure and pain killers for a broken shoulder and stomach tablet's. Can someone please reply as I'm really worried today I'm my sociol worker Come from BMC and my Tennant support group I was topping myself I can't cope anymore I need help


  • AilsAils Member Posts: 2,268 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @Mikew1978 and welcome to the Community.  It is nice to meet you.  Firstly, I am very sorry to hear of your loss and everything you are going through just now.  Please be aware that you will be supported and listened to within the Community and we are all here for you so please chat to us anytime. I can appreciate how worried you are about everything.  With regards to your benefits, I am going to tag in one of our Community Champions, @poppy123456, who is very experienced in this and will do all she can to help and advise you.  So please try not to worry as you have done the right thing in reaching out to us.  

    Hi @poppy123456 can you please advise @Mikew1978 as regards to his benefits, thanks, @Ails.

    The above lady will reply to you as soon as she can @Mikew1978.  Please keep in touch and let us know how you are doing.  All the best.  :smile:
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  • Mikew1978Mikew1978 Member Posts: 15 Listener
    Thanks guys all help will be much appreciated 
  • AilsAils Member Posts: 2,268 Disability Gamechanger
    You are welcome, @Mikew1978.  
    Winner of the Scope New Volunteer Award 2019.   :)
  • poppy123456poppy123456 Member Posts: 22,218 Disability Gamechanger
    Thanks @Ails for the tag,

    Hi and welcome @Mikew1978

    I'm a little confused because you mention UC and then ESA, which one are you claiming or are you claiming New style ESA as well?  H

    ave you already been assessed as having limited capability for work and been placed into a group? Or is this your first time for the assessment process?

    Sorry for the questions but it's difficult to give any advice until you answer those questions.
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