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Degenerative disc disease and facet joint arthritis



  • sciencegirl
    sciencegirl Community member Posts: 11 Listener
    Hi @DDDBOY,I completely understand, I'm worried sick about how much longer I can keep my physical job. I have similar issues to you, DDD, 5 bulging discs, facet joint arthritis.  think also,on the job front, it's how to get a different job when you are older & have had time off sick with these issues! What employer will even consider me I always think! 
    Working from home is easier said than done. I work in science ( unqualified, learnt on the job) so not the best profession do do from home eh?!
    I'm wracking my painkiller,addled brain trying to think of other job I can do that will cover bills.  I'm 8 yrs away from retirement & have 2 kids still at home to support too & no partner with a wage to fall back on. It's a nightmare isn't it. Looking at PIP it seems you can't get it for being in agony, but could get it for anxiety! Doesn't make sense to me. Not a level playing field. 
  • onedayatatime
    onedayatatime Community member Posts: 14 Connected
    I hear your concerns, not only dealing with physical pain but the financial implications and stress you must be under.
    I lost my job 4 years ago because I couldn't no longer physically do it. 
    That was itself a financial blow but I found getting past my GP to be seen by a neurologist/surgeon equally frustrating.
    I've done the pain medications from my GP and continue to take them with dosages constantly being changed, but have also had epidural steroid injections and nerve blocks recommended by the neurologist/surgeon. I am now awaiting surgery.
    If you've already had contact with a consultant, is it possible to be referred back to them either by your GP or by contacting the consultant secretary?
    With the financial side, you really need to seek advice from someone from perhaps Citizen Advice who could explain the benefits system and how that works, what help you may receive. I'd suggest that you would need the support of your GP to provide evidence when needed if you decide that is your only option. 
    Your GP may be able to refer you for some mobility aids such as a wheelchair. It may depend on where in the country you live.
    Unfortunately , I did not have any transferable skills for the job market as I've always worked manual jobs like a human donkey! Hence my physical conditions. It's all very overwhelming and dealing with everything whilst in pain makes it so much more difficult. But continue to reach out to your GP, consultant and Citizen Advice. I really hope you are able to make some progress both with ways of coping with physical pain and  financial stresses. 


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