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Carers premium

Hi,I applied for carers in Nov 26th 2019 for my Autistic grandson who is 8 I have looked after him from 9 months while parents work he was diagnosed in Sept Oct last year and gets PIP middle rate,,I was told as get pension credit although entitled to carers allowance from Dec 2nd could not receive as receive pension credit and contact pension credit about carers premium this was Jan 17th then I received a letter dated 31st Jan 2020 from pension credit handling site A saying I would be receiving carers premium on my pension credit fro 2nd Sept 2019 great you would think but next day received a letter from pension credit also dated 31st Jan from pension credit handling site B  saying I am entitled to carers premium fro 23rd Dec 2019  bot have pages saying exactly how it is worked out now I am confused has anyone else experienced this ?



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