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Update about my situation and advances, and a doubt about methods for pooping

Hellooo, 2 months ago I posted here a post about my problems and you helped me a lot to be confidence in myself, i said that I would make another posts along this year, so here we are. 

Actually, I haven't done much during this time, in January I called Teleton and they made me an appointment with the physiatrist for 31, so I did exercises (mainly push-ups) and tried to improve my wheelchair management going out by myself. When I went to the physiatrist I told her my situation and she made me an appointment with an OT and for an sports section for wheelchair skills improvement, but these programs start in March, because in February there are holidays. 

During February I have continued exercising, and I have been so stressed and angry with myself because I felt that I haven't achieved anything during almost two months, in fact I tried to do a wheelchair - toilet transfer, and I failed and felt that I needed a lot more strength, so I thought that I had been losing my time, but today I tried to do a wheelchair - bathtub transfer and I did it!!!! So right now I'm more relaxed and happy.

I hope this update was interesting for someone hahaha, and I finally let you an important doubt for me (obviously you are free to answer it or not), how is your method for pooping? Since I'm a child I defecate by digital stimulation with my mom's help, and I have learned how to do it by myself but is too hard and uncomfortable for me. I investigated about other methods and I found that I could poop seated in the toilet and with the help of a suppository, is this method more efficient? or sometimes it could fail or it would take too much time? Thank you for your support!



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