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Severe disablement allowance

Due to being homeless in 2017 and being on ESA with sdp I moved into an ex partners flat, due to this I was forced to move onto a joint claim of universal credit. I later moved out that year only to be told I couldn't return to ESA and would have to continue claiming Uc. Whilst with my ex she claimed carers for me as my sdp was stopped. When I moved out I was told I would no longer be eligible to sdp because I moved in with a partner who claimed carers allowance. So since I moved out I have been reduced benefits by £64.50 a week all because the transitional period of sdp and Uc doesn't cover if you move in with a partner. This is sickening and due to this even though I'm not well I've been forced to look for permitted work to top up my money


  • poppy123456
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    Unfortunately, when you claim UC you can't go back onto the old legacy benefits. The reason why you're receiving less money now is because you're claiming as a single person, which of course is less money.

    How much UC you're entitled to will depend on your circumstances. If you have a limited capability for work then you should be receiving more money for this but how much extra will depend which group you're in. If you're in the LCW group and your ESA claim started before April 2017 then you will receive the extra element of £126 per month. If you're in the LCWRA group then you should be receiving an extra £336 per month.
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    Hi azzgsw.....I watched a programme the other night and was surprised to see DWP staff( UC)  tell a young lady who has depression and terrible anxiety that they would help her settle into work whilst supporting her...she was feeling a bit better and she took a job with zero hours contract . She was pretty anxious about her poor hours and her poor benefit from UC ...she was slowly getting worse with anxiety and depression again , and decided she wanted to go back to her old benefits as she was better off . When she was told by the lady dealing with her UC that she could not go back to old benefits . .......but she was not told that when she signed up for UC. I think that UC must make that clear to anyone thinking of applying for UC ??


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