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Nobody should feel stuck needing to work while unwell.

But the current statutory sick pay system is inflexible and risks plunging disabled people, including those with mental health problems, into poverty.

Scope and Mind have written an open letter to the Government calling for a modern sick pay system that is flexible and fair.

Join us and sign the open letter - https://campaigns.scope.org.uk/page/54423/petition/1?locale=en-GB

Read the full open letter here.

Have you felt stuck and unable to take the time you need to recover from illness?

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    Thanks for sharing this letter @Adrian_Scope.  I think this is a really important campaign.  I have signed the letter and wish you well with the campaign.

    In 2012, when I was still fairly active and walking with my crutches, I fell and broke my leg in 2 places and was in plaster.  My GP wouldn't let me go back to work despite me wanting to as he said I needed to rest and let my bones heal, despite me wanting to return to work.  I was working in an admin job at the time and a colleague was covering my job while I was off so the work was getting done, although my colleague was really stressed as she was getting everything to do with no help.  Anyway, I was in hospital for 2 weeks and the week after I came home I was visited by the HR manager then my line manager visited me at home 5 times after that.  Both wishing me well and showing concern, but at the same time wanting to know when I would be fit enough to return to work.  At the time I felt a bit harassed and told my GP, but he wouldn't let me go back.  I kept sending in sick notes to my employer and kept them informed all the way through my sickness on how I was.  I even offered to work from home, but they declined that.  I stupidly didn't realise that there was no half pay at my work so after 6 months my salary stopped.  At the time I was living on my own and had a mortgage, but thankfully had mortgage protection payment and my parents for help if I was stuck, but obviously still had bills to pay so it was a worrying time, but I managed.

    After 7 months I was really desperate to go back to work as I was worried I was going to lost my job and I was getting really fed up at being stuck at home too so again I appealed to my GP to allow me to go back to work.  He reluctantly agreed on the basis that I would do a phased return which I felt I had to plead with my employer to ask for.  My employer agreed and I did the phased return, but even although I felt ready for going back to work, my leg hadn't properly healed, but I didn't feel as though I had any choice, but to go back as I needed the money and didn't want my employer to think that I was being lazy. 

    I know other people who have had a similar experience of being off ill and having to go back early to work.  So I think this campaign is really overdue and will be so helpful if it encourages the government to make changes to the sick pay system.  
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    Scope community team

    Thanks all. :smile:
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  • JenCoJenCo Member Posts: 122 Pioneering
    Wish I'd seen this sooner :(
  • IrishMancIrishManc Member Posts: 38 Courageous
    Given the current situation, this is fair and reasonable and this should also apply to people on Universal Credit too 
  • worried33worried33 Member Posts: 399 Pioneering
    Well havent they announced the £2500 month scheme and also extra £1000 for UC?

    I will sign.
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