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thespiceman Community member Posts: 6,388 Disability Gamechanger
Hello every one here we go again the ever ongoing saga of my heating.

Boiler pressure going constantly only start of new year and already sick of this home.

I often use this forum to offload and sorry to my friends who we text talk to. They know who they are did not want to bother you early morning you have your own lives.

Also have families lovely daughters and children, so here we are .  You are all amazing you know that.

 Just needed to use this been up since 5am tired and exhausted cold now.

Six to eight hours waiting.

Had my Porridge and hot water going to be stressful here am I in a home not fit for purpose. Five minute job taken six to eight hours in the past.

Asked so many Emails need a lot doing.  Kitchen needs unit removing, to add fridge freezer.

Lots to do fences, loo needs ball **** what ever that is, well ball **** to them sorry about language team.

Light fitting fell off missing my head in Kitchen, Bathroom mouldy yuk and horrible, window latch is broken and on we go.

Only saving grace it is a roof I know that but why the waiting for jobs to be done continued to send Emails.

Layer up but this make you all laugh new meds brings on a sweat so that is keeping warm get hot add and more.

Me being a hairy little monster as well.  Know looks shocking hair every where . Sorry ladies shattered your illusions what I look like, not tall and handsome.

Good looking only in the dark .lol...

So here I sit thinking prayers why me Lord been in this home for ten years and longer continued thoughts do I move where to.

One big fatal error misjudgement my wonderful amazing Support worker the one who often gave me a kick in the lemons. ouch, reason why where tight jeans. lol  

Bounces off those stilettoes are sharp man lol   .

Any way came in first meeting  first time mentioned my home the state of it so offered a option to move.

Another Housing Association she got ill and I left . 

So what do I do have no support not only that last time nearly took me a long time to recover.

Problems, problems .

Thanks for listening



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