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Bunting Queen!

pollyanna1052 Member Posts: 2,032 Disability Gamechanger
Yesterday I went to my usual Thursday hospice craft session....Craft & Chat.

Our local hospice is a wonderful place. Yes, it is a place where people with terminal cancer can receive palliative nursing. It is also a place where people like me can go, for social activities and respite. I have MS..for those who don't know.

Yesterday I gave them some bunting I had made, for their summer garden party (will it ever stop raining?) I made it from a  huge wodge of fabric I had got a few weeks ago, at a mill outlet. They do fantastic lucky bags....filled with odds and ends of rolls of cloth. These bags are so big ad heavy, I need someone to lift and carry them for me...and they cost £2.50!!!! I know! Amazing!!! I`ve bought 2 now and may well go back across the Pennines, into Lancashire from Yorkshire,  for more. Passports need to be carried, but not always asked for!

Anyway I had cut out and decorated 20 pennants for the bunting and strung it together with gold ribbon. The fabric was an off white blind blackout/vinyl like material....quite rain proof I hope.

So the volunteer craft lady took it to the management office for me.

10 minutes later a lovely chap from the fundraising team came looking for `The Bunting Queen`. He was directed to me and expressed how much they loved my work etc etc and asked for more if possible.

It is wonderful to feel that our efforts are so appreciated........when we can easily feel we aren`t fit for much post disability!

So I`m on my way doing more.

I have also made patterned fabric bunting sets for others and have some in my conservatory. They cheer me and others up!




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