Studying while on UC?

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I'm on universal credit but would like to study creative writing, this would help out in the long run with the job I have in mind any tips?


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    Welcome to the community @jayk01 I will tag @poppy123456 and @Adrian_Scope as they can advise :)
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    Thanks @Ami2301 for the tag.

    Hi and welcome

    Whether or not you can claim UC and be a student will depend on your circumstances and what course it is.

    May i ask if it's full time college course you're planning on doing? Will you be claiming any maintenance loans or is there a maintenance loan available to you? If so then any loan will affect the amount of UC that you're entitled to.

    Do you also claim either PIP or DLA or do you have dependent children?

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    Hi @jayk01 welcome to the community 
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    Hello and welcome to the community  its always nice to see new members. It sounds great that you are thinking of taking up study and creative writing is something that sounds like a very interesting subject. Maybe you could post some if your work on here ?
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    Hi @jayk01 and a warm welcome to the community! If you ever have any questions about being a disabled student (particularly around benefits) you can call the disabled students helpline.

    I hope this helps. :)