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Received PIP payment, but still not decision letter.

rbzrbz Member Posts: 96 Courageous
Today arrived £595.40 into my account with reference SSA PIP.
But still no letter about decision 
I placed PIP claim something on October 2019.
So can't understand  there £595.40 for whole period  from October 2019 till today.
Or there like payment for last 4 weeks sounds like enhanced rate for mobility and daily living.
How normally pay first PIP payment? 

As I can't wait for letter. 


  • Joanne_ScopeJoanne_Scope Scope helpline, Scope adviser Posts: 190 Pioneering
    Hi @rbz,

    That does sound like the enhanced rate of Daily Living and mobility for one month.

    It is not unusual to receive the first payment before you get your letter, and any backdated amount will be seperately.

  • rbzrbz Member Posts: 96 Courageous
    Hopefully you true. 
    2018 unsuccessfully moved from DLA to PIP, awarded 0 points, then Tribunal awarded just 2 points.
    Placed new claim on October 2019.
    Will be very happy if awarded enhanced rate on both parts.
    Keep fingers crossed.
  • Joanne_ScopeJoanne_Scope Scope helpline, Scope adviser Posts: 190 Pioneering
    Hi @rbz,

    Let us know when you get the letter to confirm everything is ok.

    I will keep my fingers crossed as well!
  • Crumbled72Crumbled72 Member Posts: 42 Courageous
    I divided that sum with approximate amount of weeks from October since didn't know the actual dates, and it's so near to the amount that just basic level of mobility gives. So it could be that that's what you got or that there's another payment on the way... But just guessesguesses, if you call them you get your answer. 
    All you need is L❤️VE ..and oxygen 😝
  • rbzrbz Member Posts: 96 Courageous
    I can't remember exactly when placed my claim.
    I contacted DWP by email on 09.10.2019
    First stage letter  from DWP was dated 16.10.2019
    So I don't know there my claim from 9th or 16th October 2019.
    Yesterday my wife contacted DWP by phone, but not received any information about my reward.
    Person from DWP told that letter with decision they already posted, but don't tell award by phone.
    Hope letter arrive on Friday or Saturday.
    So there between 9th October 2019 and 11th March 2020 - 22 weeks.
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  • rbzrbz Member Posts: 96 Courageous
    edited March 2020
    Still no decision letter.
    Few days ago received nearly £2000 Tax credit payment. Today arrived letter from HMRC where stated about Tax Credit disability element from 16.10.2019.
    HMRC letter dated 12.03.2020.
    There mentioned about PIP Daily living enhanced rate.
    Also received letter from DWP dated 11.03.2020, where stated they have all information, but still no decision.
    Strange situation. PIP payment received last week, tax credit disability element payment received this week, but still no decision letter.
  • poppy123456poppy123456 Member Posts: 22,218 Disability Gamechanger
    With so much going on in the country right now, you have to understand that post could very well be delayed. Postal workers could be in isolation and they may not have enough of people to cover the ones that are off work. It's a very difficult situation for everyone. I would try to relax a little knowing you've receive all the backdated money that you're entitled to.

    You could also ring DWP to ask what the decision is and they will tell you but expect waiting times to be very long if you do try ringing them.
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  • rbzrbz Member Posts: 96 Courageous
    My PIP payment arrived last Tuesday.
    On Thursday my wife contacted DWP (my hearing loss don't allow me to communicate by phone), but she not received any information about decision.
    Person from DWP told that he doesn't have any information about decision even money already paid. Person said we must wait for the letter.
  • lisabrazil80lisabrazil80 Member Posts: 94 Connected
    I got rewards  my  my pip back today 22 April  eny one no how long take to get back dated Money  please  
  • Ross_ScopeRoss_Scope Posts: 4,213

    Scope community team

    I got rewards  my  my pip back today 22 April  eny one no how long take to get back dated Money  please  
    Congratulations on the award. If you have your letter then I imagine it won't be long until you receive your backpay, though it can vary. If you are unsure or worried, it's always best to call PIP and ask about it.
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