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I have an adult son and adult daughter with cerebral palsy.
 I'm just wondering if anyone is considering self isolating yet.

My son and daughter have social activities that they enjoy, and my daughter has college. I'm very scared of them catching the virus. The government hasn't suggested that those with special needs should self isolate yet, but things seem to be getting bad.

My husband and I are thinking that the time will come when we have to keep them at home, but when? At the moment, we don't know of anyone with the virus. If we heard of cases within our community and friends/family, then that will be the time when we keep our son and daughter at home. Or is that leaving it too late?
What do you think?
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  • poppy123456
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    Some advice here plenty of other advice available on the internet by doing a quick search.

  • tomm
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    the best advice is use common sense and don't panic
  • April2018mom
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    We are a full time homeschooling family. But I am not too sure what will happen to the schools. What do you think will happen to this country? 

    Today I went to visit a friend in a care home. She is in the young adults section and is aware of the current situation on the outside like many of the others. All are cognitively fine but have mobility issues. There was not much I could do apart from kindly reassure them and tell them to pray. I hear that the schools are shutting. Not sure what the current statistics and numbers are. It changes all the time. Please do not panic. 
    I have decided against self isolation for now after talking to my partner. We had a long discussion about it earlier this week one night in bed. But I may need to reconsider it. I have a go to list of fun activities in case the worst happens. And I now have stocked up on educational workbooks and art supplies. I have not done anything else. 
    For now I continue to pray for this country. That is all I can do really. My son has open defect spina bifida. I do not see the point of self isolation. Do you? There is no point in stressing. Or worrying either. We are still going to church tomorrow as usual. I will take a box of tissues with me as a precaution however. Common sense must prevail here as much as possible. 
  • woodbine
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    I have diabetes/heart problems/copd/epilepsy so I suppose at risk, my OH has heart condition.
    We have decided that for the for a few weeks we will limit how often we go out to a minimum, I will be climbing the walls in a week but I have had spells in intensive care and would like to avoid another.
    Daughter works for a major American bank here in the UK and has been told to work from home until told otherwise.
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  • Wayne737
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    I also have Diabetes. (Type 2). On Thursday, my GP's Surgery sent me a Text. It warned me that I'm
    in an 'At Risk' Group. That if I catch the Virus, I could Die. i'm to wash my hands, 'At least' 5 times a
    Day. For, 'At least' 20 Seconds, each time. I'm to stay in doors. If I live with anyone, I'm to stay at least
    2 Metres, (about 6 Feet), away from them, at all times! (Which would be easy if I lived in a Mansion and
    not a small House!).

    Today i've read that, from next Week, UK Police can Arrest people, if they see them outside their Homes,
    and 'suspect' that they may have the Virus! (Does that mean if they see you sneezing, or coughing, in the:
    Street? Shops? Cinemas? Pubs? Theatres? Clubs? Concerts? Bingo Halls? Bookies?).
  • tomm
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    The government de classified this virus on the 19//03/20, it's no longer regarded as bad as Ebola or monkey pox , so why they still suspended democracy and our civil/human rights is somewhat strange if it now classed as  a seasonal flu bug
  • Adrian_Scope
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    Hi @tomm. Thank you for your input. It's really important to note that the change in classification does not mean they only class it as dangerous as seasonal flu. The Government still class the Risk Level as high
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  • tomm
    tomm Member Posts: 285 Pioneering
    Yeah, but it isn't in the same category as Ebola or monkeypox which it had been, there is a lot of miss information  being propagated  some on social media and also via the mainstream media, which if you notice they refer to as coronavirus  which is a name for seasonal flu and the common cold, the testing available at this time is generic so will give positive results for coronaviruses  not specifically for covid 19 but the en mass testing will mean the percentile of deaths will fall the more are tested


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