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A poem written by me

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 My name is Jagdev Singh

As a child, one day in school. I was sitting in, house assembly. Whilst the teacher was reading our house a story After she had finished she told us all, the name of the main character - Siddarth Gautama - she then said to us all.
"Does anyone know another name for this man?" A silence swallowed the room. Me being a fool, raised my hand and answered, 
"The Buddha." The teacher came before me, presented me with a grey cuddly rat rattle toy, with a pink tail then replied,
"your journey starts here,"...

... some time later I suffered a  Arteriovenous malformation (AVM) (Stroke) in 2006
This is a poem written by me 8 years ago in 2012,
 My name is Jagdev Singh
If I could, I would change everything.
It all started at Bellemoor School
When life became cruel
Bombs going off in my head
A feeling I remember and dread.
I was picked up by St John
And his paramedics didn’t turn the sirens on.
When I was eleven years and ten months, my life turned on its head
When I was eleven years and ten months, I lost my street cred
When I was eleven years and ten months, I had a brain injury
When I was eleven years and ten months, I gained a disability.
I could not walk
I could not talk
I could not eat
I could not drink
Fortunately though, I could still think
Six years down the line, I am recovering.
And even though I see life through a solar eclipse, I still have a vision.
My name is Jagdev Singh
And I am changing everything.

  If you would like to watch a video of this poem please click the following link!  


On the 10h March 2020 it was 14 years since my injury. My journey goes on and my story continues to unfold.



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