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Lean on me (but not too close!)

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Emotional support animals tend to be pets such as cats and dogs but they can also be unlikely animals such as squirrels (although more unusual animals don’t always go down well). But one man has revealed he finds comfort in his pet alligator. Joie Henney, from Pennsylvania, U.S, has a five-foot, 60lb federally-licensed emotional support alligator. And it’s not the only reptile Joie lives with. The 65-year-old’s house boasts a variety of reptiles, ranging from bearded dragons to ball pythons. The one that steals the show, however, is four-year-old Wally, who has a special place in Joie’s heart. While most of us might be scared to go near an alligator, Joie insists the animal is super friendly and loves giving hugs and kisses.

Source: Metro

I don't think many will be rushing out any time soon for a cuddle with a gator, but if emotional support cats and dogs weren't available, what animal would you like to have instead?
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