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New Style ESA application process

wenglish1984 Member Posts: 13 Listener
Hello everyone I’m just looking for some help please regarding the new style ESA application process if possible 

we applied over the phone on behalf of my partner at the beginning of febuary and she had a home visit from the local job centre on 27th February 2020 to collect all her paperwork etc 

She had all the paperwork returned a few days later but haven’t heard anything since about the application 

she’s still on SSP until the 6th May so we’re not due any money from ESA but I’m just looking to see exactly what’s supposed to happen next ? As I don’t want to leave it until May and then find out we have done something wrong or should have had notifications etc so just trying to get everything in order 

any help or guidance would be great to put our minds at ease thank you 


  • poppy123456
    poppy123456 Member Posts: 31,383 Disability Gamechanger

    Your partner should receive a letter from DWP at some point telling them when payment will start and how much they will receive. As they are receiving SSP until 6th May the letter from DWP may take quite a few weeks, especially now because backlogs will be even more. If they don't receive anything by middle of April i'd advise your partner to ring them.
  • wenglish1984
    wenglish1984 Member Posts: 13 Listener

    Still haven’t heard anything about my partners claim so contacted esa last week to be told no claim is on the system ? had to wait for a call back from the local job centre which only arrived today to be told that there is nothing at all on the system to show my partner has claimed esa 6 weeks ago, we explained that someone from the job centre arrived at our home at a pre booked appointment after making the claim over the phone the previous week and he then took all her identification etc and made the claim in our home, he then sent the identification back a few dats later now that was 5 weeks ago. She can’t understand what’s gone wrong and can’t understand why we are extremely unhappy in how it’s being dealt with especially as someone now has all my partners identification.

    She said she would look into it and call back today but nothing yet and we’re extremely worried not only about the identification etc but the fact the claim still hasn’t been dealt with and her SSP stops in 4 weeks time. We did it early to not have to worry and with everything going on at the moment it could take ages to resolve 

    has anyone had any kind of experience like this before or can advise us on what to do thank you 
  • richp90
    richp90 Member Posts: 4 Connected
    Hi @wenglish1984
    I had a problem just like this. I kept phoning and looked up my local advocacy service for support on this. you should not have to be waiting that long and when the man came, i assume to do a assessment or likewise, should be tracked with a reference number.  i hope it gets sorted over the next few days, i found the advocacy service and citizens advice helpful. 
  • wenglish1984
    wenglish1984 Member Posts: 13 Listener
    Thanks richp90 appreciate the input we actually ended up emailing our local MP and within 24 hours I had a response from the DWP amazing what one high up person can do and really shouldn’t get to that stage 

    Anyway she’s stated my claim is now active and My partner is on the assessment rate until she’s put into a group and assessed 

    can anyone please confirm 100% when should the assessment stage start ? Is it from the date of the claim or date of first payment ? 

    The situation I have is that because we applied on the 16th February 2020 and they messed up the claim massively and have only this week set it up. We’re now 9 weeks down the line from making the claim. They are now saying because my partner was supposed to be getting SSP until the 9th May 2020 the 13 week assessment stage wouldn’t actually start until they make the first payment once SSP stops in May.

    I really can’t get my head around this because what’s the point in being allowed to make the claim 3 months before SSP ends ? I seriously was under the impression that all the reports and assessment meetings would have happened in them 3 months from making the original claim and once SSP ended the esa would instantly take over ?

    Now they are saying her 13 week assessment stage won’t start until the 13th May 2020 when the first payment is issued 

    They have also been made aware that my partners employer ended her contract on the 7th April 2020 under Ill health dismissal yet they won’t take that into account and refuse to start paying even though Shes now no longer getting SSP its a real nightmare at the moment even with the MP”s involvement I’m getting no where 


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