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thespiceman Community member Posts: 6,388 Disability Gamechanger
Hello every one my concern lots of the community struggling to find groceries and difficult problems know what to purchase.

I compiled a list of items buying these help you.

I know many of our community have limited abilities and skills in the Kitchen.

I can offer my sympathies wish help you all.  As normally ask a carer or support worker to help.

I would ask consider the advice offered here.

Understand have been in the similar situation many times.

Found and use the products listed.

A word of general advice think of simplicity, think make it simple and use short cuts and easy products.

Think about using a slow cooker add raw ingredients cover with stock cubes, sauces and switch on, instant meal. No prep involved.

Other ones Blenders or Food Processor useful day to day quick meal preparations and no chopping.

Tins of Pulses, Beans, Spaghetti, useful .

Replace Pasta with those snacks, soups and one pots.

Use Noodles to Wok no water needed.

Microwave Rice.  Instant Soup Packets. Instant Sauces.  Tin Campbell condensed Soup uses up Milk any left.

All useful use with stock cubes and can used a variety of ways in Ragu, Casserole, Stew.

Instant Couscous.  Buy add again stock.

Or even water, leave over night. Cool down.  Mix in yoghurt and honey Breakfast.

Add any fruit or dried and frozen defrosted over night.  Including tins Peaches, Pineapple or mixed Fruit Cocktail.

Tins Vegetables Potatoes. Peas and Carrots.

To have in the freezer a suggestion mixed vegetables. Florets mix, Beans, Peas, Casserole mix. Also Med roasted veggies have all the Peppers, Aubergines, Courgettes.

You can even buy Chefs mix a variety of Onions, Celery and Carrots diced.

Spinach a great buy frozen.

Onions frozen and do not forget the spices herbs.

I use a variety of spice herb mixes saves money. Supermarket too expensive own brands OK.

Ones to look out for are Mixed Herbs, Herb Provencal, Italian Mixes.

Some own brands sell variety of spice mixes useful make a note.

Cheaper to buy on line.  Get next day delivery.

Jars Cartons of Passata useful instant soup. Sauce with stock cube.

Stock cubes buy ones with herbs and flavourings or use gravy granules.

Jars of Peppers roasted and antipasti . All vegetables roasted cooked blitz up with Passata makes sauces for Pasta or anything, you wish to use.

Packs of Chorizo and Pancetta cubed great in Ragus and Casseroles, Soups.

Tins Fish Sardines, Mackerel good sandwiches . Snacks and filling.

Pudding  use tinned Custard, Rice Pudding add tinned fruit to or use Rice pudding or Breakfast or a snack.

Please any questions happy to help.

Please keep safe and warm .


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