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disciplinary dismissal

Mati1974 Member Posts: 2 Listener
edited April 2020 in Work and employment
My problem is I have been dismissed disciplinary action. One of the employees accused me of sexual harassment. An incident occurred. I was a production worker. This person approached me and accidentally threw jam at her on a protective apron. around her breasts. I reflexively cleaned this place. I didn't think about touching her. It does not belong to women who have breasts. I apologized to her. She found the case settled. She accepted my apology. At the witnesses. After a few days I found out that she reported the matter to the manager. I was suspended and then disciplined. Affairs went to the police. I have been cleared of the charges. I learned that I am not the first person she accuses of harassment. This person is known by the police for such things. I am an old man. I have a wife and a granddaughter. Is there any possibility that my papers would not show disciplinary dismissal because of sexual abuse?
I would not like to explain this past situation to every new employer. I've been fired.
I also think that I was treated unfairly. My ex-boss didn't want to hear my explanation. Where is the presumption of innocence here? I was a good employee on every call. I was terribly disappointed.



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