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Telephone Assessment Done and Dusted

male45 Community member Posts: 336 Pioneering
edited March 2020 in PIP, DLA, and AA
I had my assessment on March 26th at 9.15am it lasted 40 minutes. My award is due to end on july 19th.  The girl was pleasant and soft spoken. I had to ask her to repeat herself a good number of times. Half way through the assessment she apologized and put me on hold, when she returned she said she just had a delivery..I asked her are you also isolated at home like my wife and I are, she said yes. 
So in all it wasnt total interrogation but nice to be nice interrogation. She questioned me several times on walking distance for which I stuck my ground on 30 metres only.  She also questioned me about bathroom activities and dressing and undressing several times. Then about cooking for which I told her I can only use a microve because I drop pots and have already broken two kettles by dropping those due to the pain in my hands. My rep phoned me the night before to suggest that seeing I had my pip appeal only on feb 3rd I would be ok but also be prepared for them going after the enhanced daily living and the standard mobility I was awarded at the appeal. I feel that's what this nice soft spoken woman was doing. I'm just glad it's all over. I never slept a wink the night, before it. I stayed up going over all paperwork from years ago to the appeal in February.  She went through my tablets listing them to me even new ones I had which I hadnt mentioned to them. So they do contact gps.
Hopefully itll be good news and the award I got in the appeal in February stays that way. I can only wait and see. Meanwhile there are big delays in mail reaching us here from uk mainland. I understand talking to a postman friend of mine that the mail is held up in Birmingham distribution centre and at an airport. Weve had no mail where I live for a week. Any capita letters for us here in Belfast come from Darlington which is weird as they used to come from belfast.
Fingers crossed for me everyone I get to keep my award for a few yrs.
I'll update when more news. Meanwhile everyone please stay safe during these bad times.

Best wishes
Best Wishes 


  • male45
    male45 Community member Posts: 336 Pioneering
    I've just been told by the post office that there are a number of postmem/women out sick and so any mail for my area has to be collected by recipients.  This means that I'll have to make arrangements to have our mail collected every feel days by our son or daughter. 
    As an ex postman I find this very hard to believe as belfast has a very large workforce of posties.
    I dont want to miss any mail in connection with my assessment.  So have no choice but to get our mail collected.
    Anyone else in the same situation?
    Best wishes
    Best Wishes 
  • poppy123456
    poppy123456 Community member Posts: 57,250 Disability Gamechanger
    I don't live in N Ireland but here in the UK i've not had a problem with my post. Actually it's been earlier since the lockdown.

    Although there may have been a large workforce when you worked i don't think you can even compare those times to what everyone is going through now and i think it would be unfair to do that. I think those that are continuing to work through all of this, whether it's NHS, supermarket workers, postal workers etc,  they are all doing an amazing job and should be applauded, not critised.

    Hopefully, your postal workers that are unable to work right now, return to work soon but even more important is that they all remain safe and well during this extremely difficult time.
    I would appreciate it if members wouldn't tag me please. I have all notifcations turned off and wouldn't want a member thinking i'm being rude by not replying.
    If i see a question that i know the answer to i will try my best to help.
  • male45
    male45 Community member Posts: 336 Pioneering
    Hi @poppy123456
    Hope you're well and safe from this virus etc.
    Poppy I'm sorry if I gave the impression that I was criticising postal workers. As an ex postal worker prior to bus driving I went through the troubles often having to deliver mail whilst rooting was taking place or maybe having to negotiate around bomb scares etc. Many times having to watch out for certain items described to us on the line inside the sorting office.
    Throughout that time posters were off sick injured etc but, the post office (that is the bosses) would put another postie on to cover. The old saying that hail sleet snow etc is still in force today as it always has been. Yes times have changed since I was there, my postie here is actually a postie I worked with so I know him very well having been godfather to one of his children. I know he wouldn't take time off without good reason. Hes coming up to retirement soon. So I do wish him well and have been in touch with him by phone. He hasnt got the virus hes just at risk due to having a relative who has it .
    This area has approx 25 thousand homes. Which is a very large area covered by 4 posties. The area I live in has 10 thousand homes covered by two of thos posties, my friend being one . The main office has at anyone time working inside approx 400 posties. The way it works is if a postie fails to show for their walk then a boss takes a postie off the line and sends that postie his place of. All posties are trained to do all post office work from walks to sorting to working on Van's lorries etc.
    So it is very easy and simple to do this. 
    It would take half the work force to be off at same time to not be able to do deliveries.
    So having phoned the post office today o was told that mail will be put tomorrow  as it was held up in england and no mail was directed for this area which has its sub sorting office. So hence no mail.
    The fault I would say through experience lay with delivery from main sorting hub to main sorting hub here.
    Tomorrow we shall have mail. 
    I'm not criticising you as I totally respect your opinion and all help you've given me on here.
    My sister is a nurse and my next door neighbours daughter also. I worry about my sister daily and we will keep in touch each day. 
    My grandson works in poundland and my son in law works in asda. My other son in law works for m and s and has only just been put on leave. 
    I have 100 per cent admiration for all who work in frontline jobs.
    I have friends still who are bus drivers including a cousin.
    So please know I will never criticise anyone never mind those workers.
    I have friends who are undertakers and one who embalms. 
    Best wishes
    Best Wishes 
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