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Hello every one been a stressful week so thought share some new Curry Recipes.

Times like this we need a little uplift time to spice up the life you have.

These are simple one pots and please consider adapting to your own taste.

Simple store cupboard spices mixes.

Every one has, nothing expensive all easy not hot spicy does not mean blow your head off.

Aromatic tasty and nutritional.

You do not need Rice use whatever you have. I use Chickpeas, Kidney Beans mixed ones.

Need to add bowls spoon in front of the TV.  All freezer friendly ready to have any time.



Pack Lamb Mince  or Beef Mince
Curry Powder, Tikka or whatever you have.
Garam Masala.  one heaped tablespoon.
Tinned Tomatoes chopped or Passata carton.
Stock cube
Water  use boiling kettle
Serve with Potatoes and Peas Chickpeas.


Used Slow Cooker for five hours plus low heat.

Make Curry sauce add tablespoon or adjust to a measuring jug.  Your favourite Curry Powder.

Add stock cube boiling water , Curry sauce made stir and this activates oils in spices.

Add Potatoes and Chickpeas to Slow cooker with chopped Onions and Tin Tomatoes or Passata .

Lamb mince and Sauce from Jug might not use it all.

Tip when making Curry sauce in jug add Tin tomatoes or Passata measure.  Not all be used then stir have sauce.

Or other use a blender or food processor.

Cover and on low five hours.

Add in Peas end. 

Cool down and in to tubs labelled .



Using any ready made meatballs.

Beef, Turkey, Lamb, Pork, Chicken

Any Curry powder sauce or paste.

With Soup mixes include root ones.

Butternut squash and Sweet Potatoes.

Vegetable Roots mix.


Add Meatballs to a pan medium heat.  Add Curry paste, Powder or Sauce.

If you wish to add Onions please do colour.

All Pastes some Powders have Onion Garlic Powder in them, check.

As does Sauce, can add anything extra.

Done this with Coconut Milk added, also Mango Chutney a sweet sauce it becomes.

Roots soup packs available in all our supermarkets.

Some have Onions in so do not use again Onions, some have Chilli .

Butternut Squash one does but not strong.

Good to have already done.

You could add Carrots Potatoes any thing.

One a simmer twenty minutes.

Serve, with anything done this with Bulgar Wheat, Couscous, Beans .

Cool down freeze tubs. Label.

Please enjoy.


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