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Hello every one hope you coping OK.

I am aware of members mental health and wellbeing in this community and thought how much more can I advise.

Many of you who know me are aware have been on my own a long time.

Rarely see any one except for appointments and delivery drivers.

So isolation for me is routine to give you some insights how to cope and deal with certain problems and issues you may need assistance or advice with.

Please ask any of Team or Community Champions , do not anytime mind if you wish to tag me.

Anything we can help with we are here to support we are all in this together.

Seems the phrase at the moment, we need to be adapting and be considerate.

Of course have a rant complain and use this forum I listen to you but end of the day we need to be thinking clear positive and reach out if you are suffering.

If you constantly complain or moan or think negative . 

Get worse mentally and physically so need to have comforts reassurance need to be thinking and planning.

Any one can do this it is just a matter of principle.

Starts early morning.

Warm up and stretch some music some Tia Chi lots of on line instruction , feel finally awake and stimulated.

Ten minutes of my morning.

Breakfast important good energy start to the day, use Porridge Eggs Toast Bread anything you like does not have to be boring.

Had Chickpeas and Curry last week Spinach and was cheap cheerful kept me full lasted me till evening.

You find me cooking at the same time so things we all have and take for granted is time.

So prepare as I typing this done a big batch of Sausages cooked.

Means have Sausages ready to use in Pasta, Sandwiches, Rice, Beans.

Cool down to wrap in tin foil freezer another day.

Store in fridge another easy meals add crumbled to Soup.  My legendary Sausage Bolognese .

Do same with Fresh Chicken Whole, Chicken Legs roast the lot portion it up some fridge some meals some freezer tin foil.

Means have if tired exhausted not well have just to warm through sensible answer of add to any Pasta so on.  Rice or Soup.

We all even I do buy Soup cartons tins use the cooked Sausages and Chicken vegetables stock cubes pads it out makes a meal.

Use Slow Cookers ideal for simple meals less stress anxiety.

Got loads on here the forum even tag me can help.

Stress related anxiety means reaching for alcohol the caffeine the cigarettes.  The cakes, biscuits and sugar.

All of these deplete energy levels so avoid if you do wish to have the odd treat use fruit with yoghurt.

I purchase Custard Rice Pudding stir in a small spoonful Crème Fraiche or Mascarpone nothing wrong now again.

Sensible eating is the key lean meat and fruit, vegetables.  Whole grains Pasta Rice Bread if can not get bread, use whole meal grain bread buns, crumpets, muffins store in the freezer.

Plan a menu make it simple.  Can you freeze any thing portions, can you adapt need to look on the web for solutions or any difficulties .

Make notes.

Are you organising medication sought out on line delivery ask your surgery.

Please remember might have to order early anything.

Use diaries planner notebooks .

Be kind to yourself use Text or SKYPE if you have to keep in touch loved ones.

Use Email.  We know the stresses strains of isolation causing heartbreak I have dealt with and spoken to many members.

Any one with hobbies and things like puzzles do help , I use music and meditation.

Have a dance move about strut your funky stuff often helps.

It is becoming evident this going to be happening and be on going a long time.

We need to be thinking avoiding media if this mentally effects you.

I turned off my Radio too distressing.

Play happy up beat joyful music , some cheesy some classics.  All helps the moods.

Motown Northern Soul.

One idea have a range of things make you remember give you memories, reason play my music.

Times then in my flowery shirts and started being a fashionista .

Use the forum we are do understand if your struggling .

I have lot of sources information and organisation useful right now.  Ask me .

One has to be also aware of the current information and guidelines please look on our website or ask any of the Team or Community Champions.

Please keep safe and warm.

Always in my heart and prayers.



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