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Pip assessor blatantly lied and I can prove it

lippylippy Member Posts: 4 Listener
Just received my decision 0 points. The pip assessor said I have no mental health team involvement at all. Yet I took with me and have letters from my physchiatrist, mental health nurse. Appt letters going back 6 months and future appts..Pip assessor said I'm not on any medication! Yet I took it all with me and have copies of my prescription. I'm on 7 different meds! She said she examined me! She did not. She said I take my daughter to school, cook for her..ect yet I gave her a letter from social care stating shes temp living with her father as I xant see to my basic needs let alone hers! She said I was calm..they nearly had to get paramedics to me! .. I have  just posted my mandatory reconsideration and enclosed all letters. How can they ignore evidence and tell such blatant lies. My question is..how long does MR normally take ? 


  • poppy123456poppy123456 Member Posts: 22,218 Disability Gamechanger

    It's not about proving the lies/contradictions in the report. It's about proving which descriptors you think apply to you.

    There's no timescales for decisions. The time they tell you is a just a guide. Most MR decision's remain the same so it's likely you'll have to take it to Tribunal.
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  • mikehughescqmikehughescq Member Posts: 6,588 Disability Gamechanger
    You cannot legally prove that they lied. You can only prove they recorded inaccurately, which is not the same thing at all. It’s also irrelevant. Proving an inaccuracy is not the same as having enough evidence to show you qualify. You can spend hours ripping a HCP report apart for the purposes of MR or appeal but it’s meaningless if you haven’t separately built a case based on medical and anecdotal evidence of the functional consequences of your conditions. 
  • thespicemanthespiceman Member Posts: 6,408 Disability Gamechanger
    Hello @lippy   Please can I ask did you not take any support worker or outreach worker with you.

    Sorry to hear what happened but is best always to take a member of your team with you.

    I also recommend this because they can speak for you usually do.

    If they were not willing to help you or assist you in the circumstances then maybe need to look at other mental health support.

    All mental health workers support and outreach have a duty of care if there not doing the role and provided for giving you want you need then use other charities or sources.

    I never used Council services because they do mess you about contracts times cancellation so on, so use these three charities.

    One other point if you do wish for some one to attend will have pay car petrol costs and any additional costs.

    Sorry part of the expenses many support staff teams have often paid out of their own wages so clientele are instructed to set up standing order bank any due expenses occurred .

    These are three I used.




    All offer floating support and benefit advice information and anything else.

    Welfare health and so on.

    Might not be in all areas . Self Refer website.

    If you apply might be problems due to COVID 19.
    Please if you have any questions please ask.

    Happy to be supportive.

    Please take care and safe.


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  • lippylippy Member Posts: 4 Listener
    Hi spice man
    I took my son with me, he was ready and able to speak for me. However the assesor informed him " he was there to support me and I must answer" then her report stated I did all the talking. He has written a letter that's gone in with my MR stating what he was told and that the assesor rushed me, got frustrated with me as I was slow to answer, she interrupted me ect. Stating she did not examine me and did not look at the medication and evidence taken with us. 

  • worried33worried33 Member Posts: 399 Pioneering
    edited April 2020
    With so much wrong and I wonder if ended mixing up different claimant's? as thats a whole lot of stuff wrong.

    By all means bring it up, but I suggest avoiding calling her a liar, keep things civil.

    Best of luck.
  • mikehughescqmikehughescq Member Posts: 6,588 Disability Gamechanger
    edited April 2020
    It’s pretty common that HCP reports contain a myriad of woefully inaccurate statements. To the extent that many claimants do in fact conclude, wrongly in almost every case, that there has been a mix up and “their” report must clearly be about someone else.

    The other mistake is to accuse a HCP of not having done an examination when in fact nothing prohibits informal observation constituting the actual exam. 
  • worried33worried33 Member Posts: 399 Pioneering
    edited April 2020
    I think its common that there is recommendation's made by HCP's that claimants dont agree with, and maybe occasional statements, but for so many things to be wrong on a single report, I think its a stretch to say thats common.

    Its a very basic thing to say someone has no medication, after it has been read out to the HCP, they wouldnt deliberately because the moment that is mentioned on appeal, the report would be set aside for such a basic error, which is why these reports get audited to make sure they stand up at tribunals.

    But if it is common like you said it sounds like some training or extra quality control needs to be carried out to ensure these basic things are logged correctly, as I see that as an error rather than someone deliberately lying on medication.
  • thespicemanthespiceman Member Posts: 6,408 Disability Gamechanger
    Hello @lippy thank you for reply, I mentioned support worker or health worker because they are looking after you if you had one.

    Fine to take your son need I say nothing wrong in that different with support workers.

    At the assessment many I had support workers all defended started or initiated conversation and prompting.

    Had one assessor ask why I need a support worker nothing like two women going at it.

    Arguing and being critical. Also I forget to mention if you do enrol charities please look at links provided.

    In the forms you send add report about you and how everything is effected mentally and way you are dealing with every day tasks and descriptors.

    Understand this done a lot of assessments few terrible awful with friends attending with support workers got every thing, even intervened on reports on my behalf contacted DWP.

    A lot of the time is spent helping those like your self.

    Just something to consider, have been on the constant treadmill.

    Do not know if you had this , mental health charity intervened made a lot of noise and it ceased.

    Still be assessed which I disagree with am middle Fifties am I worth it and is there any point with long term sickness disability. Not good at all.

    So had every eighteen months to two years assessed on decided fit to work and signed, next two year un fit to work benefits and so we go around again fit and un fit every two years.

    This is a situation effecting many men my age and all we ended up doing job searches on dead end training had the experience the talents the qualifications, need to be something changing.

    One issues we had were disabled or mentally ill.

    Ten years on going why do this so my support worker found out, made an appointment Doctors discussed me.

    Doctor agreed not helping then Employment Services staff .

    With me just awestruck support worker started the problem solving of getting my health sorted and add to that benefit situation.

    That is what they do for you. 

    Please if you need to know anything else please contact me.


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    SCOPE Volunteer Award Engaging Communities 2019
    Mental Health advice, guidance and information to all members
    Nutrition, Diet, Wellbeing, Addiction.
  • lippylippy Member Posts: 4 Listener
    I have sent my MR I have not accused of lying...I used terms such as..incorrect, misunderstood. I enclosed my perscription and photos of medication..I take 7 different tablets. I enclosed all my letters and reports from mental health nurses, psychiatrist ect. Along with support letters from social care.  I discussed every descriptor and gave my explanations. Wait and see
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