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Hello every one how we all doing and coping.

In my past a little helping hand to cope with addiction and the with drawing all those years ago.

Of Alcohol and Drugs meant suffer pain and lots of depression anxiety.

Using the music made a list well found it this week so please have a look a listen be on U tube or any of your CD's .

Just helps I thought right now this moment with many of you having problems .

Lots of them have significant meaning and have a lot of messages in the lyrics.

Mean much to me so many times on death door and knocking for the Lord to take  me so used the words to heal with in, no ever tells you that .

Some how they made me cope and heal.

Wind Beneath My Wings  Bette Midler

Livin' In Love Sheila Anthony

He Ain't Heavy He's My Brother Hollies

If I Can Dream Elvis

Walk a Mile In My Shoes Elvis

Water is Wide by various singers.

My Way Frank Sinatra

I Get The Sweetest Feeling Jackie Wilson.

Played that if when had a success moved another step to be clean and sorted.

Lastly the Song May Each Day which is by Andy Williams used to sing this at end of his shows.

Those who remember the Sixties Seventies Shows he did.

Poignant right now the lyrics.

Thank you for reading.

Please take care and safe in prayers.


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