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Supermarket queues

nikkif Member Posts: 54 Courageous
Since thursday o have tried to go to get some essentials but everywhere near me has had ridiculous queues and after standing in one for over half an hour I couldnt manage anymore and went home. I'm now running dangerously low on supplies and aware that the supermarkets are closed 2mrw. My question is does anyone know any supermarkets that are allowing disabled people easier access rather than standing in these unbearable queues in the heat? I'm too scared to ask at the door in case people get angry but my disability is with my legs and muscles and cant stand for long I use what strength I have for getting what I need done. Can anyone shed any light on this for me?? 


  • OverlyAnxious
    OverlyAnxious Member Posts: 1,791 Disability Gamechanger
    edited April 2020
    Is it possible for you to go early morning?  I've only been during early mornings and haven't seen any queues at all so far.  I just keep seeing pictures of queues online so know what you mean though.

    Some supermarkets have specific slots for elderly and vulnerable where you would hope queues are shorter and the customers might be more accepting of 'queue jumping' if necessary.  I agree that during the normal hours the general public are likely to get a bit upset if they're stuck in a queue for ages and watch someone else get preferential treatment even if the door staff allowed it. 

    If you can't avoid busy times, could you take a fold up camping chair to sit on while queuing maybe?  You could put it in the trolley while shopping so don't need to carry it.
  • pollyanna1052
    pollyanna1052 Member Posts: 2,032 Disability Gamechanger
    There are local help groups. Try ringing your council...although it`s easter weekend. Try googling local help.
    Some of our neighbours dropped notes offering help.....
  • Misscleo
    Misscleo Member Posts: 647 Pioneering
    The ques outside morrisons. Sainsburys & m& s are a shambles.
    There should be slots for those of us cant stand for hour & half.
    Real disgrace that disabled & elderly are being left by the wayside.
    I had a lift at 7.30 on two different days of the week and there were under 50s queuing outside morrisons longbridge & sainsburys longbridge.
    There was no one helping the disabled & elderly to even get in the stores let alone shop.
    The press should be filming outside these big shops then they would know DISABLED &.ELDERLY ARE LEFT BY THE WAYSIDE the police should be policing these shops
  • nikkif
    nikkif Member Posts: 54 Courageous
    Thanks all for your words of advice, die to the painkillers and other medication I take it's hard to keep to a timeline and get up at the right time for the vulnerable shopping hours as well as get myself ready mentally and physically to get there or get some help to. I just feel like disabled people that are not of old age or considered extremely vulnerable have kinda been left to fall through the cracks have found it hard to get help even though council and community are doing their best but hey just have so much to deal with right now.
  • worried33
    worried33 Member Posts: 411 Pioneering
    My sister told me yesterday she did a u-turn and went home, decided not to do her shopping, said the queue went all round the supermarket and then cross the road to the petrol station, she tried another supermarket and was almost as bad.
  • deb74
    deb74 Member Posts: 782 Pioneering
    I have been going to my local shop if I only need a couple of things. The other day I stood in a que outside Iceland for 10 minutes waiting to do my shopping and when I came out of Iceland the que to get in was half way down the street and when you are shopping you are going at a snails pace because you have to stay 2 metres behind the person in front. I know it has to be done but it is so frustrating. Roll on when this is all over!
  • Misscleo
    Misscleo Member Posts: 647 Pioneering
    They said there would be hours for disabled & elderly but everytime the shops were full of people under 50 who filled LARGE trolleys to the brim.
    There was nothing for disabled or elderly people the grabbers" had the lot. 
    We also gave up. Cant stand for that length of time.
    Wheres the hours for disabled & elderly


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