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I was thinking about writing a story about amazing work does and nurses are doing 
And the money I make in sales of the short story will be given back to the NHS
I appreciate hearing what  scope community think of my idea



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    If you enjoy writing then you should totally go for this.
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    Hi @Globster any support for the NHS would be a great idea. Look at the 99 year old veteran who is walking 100 lengths of his garden. 

    So far he has raised £7 million. Everyone’s efforts are appreciated.

  • Globster
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                   Saving lives 
    Jane had black eyelashes and blue crystal coloured eyes and a natural smile and slim figure and was very tall.  Nursing ran in Jane’s family as her mum was a former nurse and Jane grew up and was inspired to be a nurse like her mum, Jan. Now Jane worked as a nurse and a young man called Darren had short jet black coloured hair and a thin face with big brown eyes long black eyelashes. He had a slim body and was very tall. Medicine ran in his family too as he was growing up. His dad, Ted used to be a surgeon & Darren also wanted to follow in his dad’s footsteps and become a doctor. 

    Darren worked as a clinical lead doctor and Jane worked as head nurse at The Spire Hospital. Jane and Darren both worked in the Intensive Care Unit.  

    Darran and Jane said it’s going to be another busy day. They had both been treating Sam and Tom, identical twin boys, who were ginger-haired and blue-eyed. Sam and Tom were usually full of life, both boys told their parents that they wanted to be footballers when they grew up. The boys had probably contracted the coronavirus from their nursery. Karen, their mum, thought she could treat the twin’s symptoms at home by giving them medication. This was before Karen told her husband called Steve to ring for an ambulance. The operator was able to send an ambulance straight away to their home address. As the two boys were struggling to breathe and were not conscious, the ambulance, its blue lights and sirens flashing and blaring, raced to the hospital, but the twins got progressively worse until they were brought to the Intensive Care Unit where Darren and Jane said, “We are going to to do everything to save your two lovely boys.” Darren and Jane had put on full Personal Protective Equipment before entering through the doors of the Intensive Care Unit.  

    The boys were only being kept alive by the ventilator but unfortunately, despite the best efforts of the ICU, they passed away. 

    Darren and Jane felt it only right for them to act as the parents of Tom and Sam in the absence of their mum & dad. Tears were left streaming down Steve and Karen’s faces when they were told the news. They said, “They were lovely boys & we are inconsolable and beside ourselves with heart-wrenching grief.” Despite this, they were not allowed to see their two boys say goodbye to them, due to the coronavirus restrictions that have been put in place by the UK government.

    The medical team needed a few seconds of fresh air to enable them to recompose themselves before moving to the next patient that required both their help next.  

    The next patient that needed help from Darren and Jane was an elderly woman called Elaine who had grey hair, a thin face and opal green eyes, who was an active old lady, who loved playing a variety of sports to keep herself fit.  She probably contracted the coronavirus from someone at the bingo hall she attended on Wednesday nights before the UK lockdown.  Elaine thought she had a simple cold and tried treating it with home remedies, but when her temperature did come down she knew that she had to ring her GP surgery who advised her to go to the hospital. Her condition was deteriorating so she was put on a ventilator but thanks to the amazing work done by Darren and Jane and the rest of the team in the ICU. They were able to save Elaine’s life and Elaine was well again & she was allowed to leave the hospital to continue her recovery at home while having her family members and grandchildren around her.  

    This lifted the spirits of the team as they realised they were doing a fantastic job in a difficult time for the nation. Jane and the rest of the team asked Darren if he would please sing because had a melodious voice and it would help lift everyone’s spirits.  Darren said,  “I can sing one of my own songs that I have written.  

    The team were in total distress when they had to treat one nurse who had worked in the Intensive Care team. Her name was Kate and she had brunette, brown hair, blue eyes and a thin face and body. Kate was not able to go home and see her family. She had to stay in a hotel, which was paid for by the hospital & she had contracted the symptoms of the virus after treating many patients.  Kate’s symptoms and condition had got gradually worse. Darren took the decision to intubate Kate to enable him to put Kate on the ventilator. Darren cried as he was doing this. Everyone worked so hard to save Kate’s life. Unfortunately, Katie lost the battle & her colleagues were all heartbroken to lose a fantastic friend who was bubbly natured and a very friendly person who will be dearly missed.  
    Darren and  Jane said we are all doing a fantastic job to protect members of the public so Darren and Jane liked to give important advice to the public about staying home and protecting our staff members.
    Kate left behind a loving husband, Neil. and one child called Sam who was only 5 years old and he did not know why his mum was not coming home ever again. The rest of the family were devastated. There are also other  NHS staff members across the UK who have lost their lives while doing fantastic jobs in our hospitals as families up and down the UK are torn apart and undergoing a lot heartache and pain. All this has been caused by the pandemic that has hit the UK shores. Many more lives will be lost by the NHS  workers before the end of the coronavirus pandemic. Many families are left devastated with the pain of losing their dear ones who will truly be missed by, not only their family, but will also stay in the nation’s thoughts through this difficult time for everyone.  

      I would like to hear about what the community think of my story?
    I would like to hear about if you think my story can raise money for the NHS?

    if you think the my story good how would I go about raising money from book sales make to give back to the NHS charity?
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    You could make it into a short book perhaps? Or what about a poem instead? 


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