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Advice needed ASAP PIP

sarahmaccs Member Posts: 25 Connected
Good morning everyone,

hope you are all doing well. my PIP is going to get reviewed August / September time. I contacted PIP about going forward and they stated that I have a xtra 6 months on top of my claim date? does this sound right. despite my claim being for review in August time. just couldn’t see why they would give me a xtra 6 months. if anyone can reply I would appreciate it. 


  • Ala
    Ala Member Posts: 18 Listener
    Sorry I can't help here, but you gave me some confidence to phone them too. 

    I really thing, we should try to get Scope, other charities and our MP's to advocate that all reassessment are STOPPED until the Tribunal backlog is cleared.  Last time I've waited 2 years for a Tribunal.  After tribunal it took 3 months and over 25 phone calls  to get my PIP and SD premium back.  
    I will not make another 2years or over of hardship and awaiting Tribunal related mental torture...

    My award ends in October.  Have the same question, what now?
    How we obtain any medical evidence, or even for paper/phone assessment contact our disability advisors.  
    I've recently cancelled blood test - too scared to go to surgery.  Blood test was needed to be re-refered to specialist.  It takes months to see them.  I'm worried my 2015 specialist letters could be dismissed - even there is no improvement in my health.

    I am too scared to make over phone reassessment - they twisted all I tell them against me the  last time.   The paper one - I still need help from my Disability Advisor - but how to I go to see them - if I am self-isolating?

  • wilko
    wilko Member Posts: 2,457 Disability Gamechanger
    @sarahmaccs, hello and welcome, as the whole country is in lock down and no face to face assessments are taking place your review like mine and many others require a F2F assessment to ensure our award is valid and justified. Now knowing you have this six month extended award time I am advising you and any others start preparing information, evidence and putting together a file of the documentation that will support your  continuance of your award after your F2F assessment. These will and should include all up to date diagnosis, medical information, and any reports from health professionals who are or have been treating you during the last 12 to 18 months prior to your F2F assessment. This will save you panicking and stressful situations waiting on others to provide the documents in a short time space. 

  • sarahmaccs
    sarahmaccs Member Posts: 25 Connected
    @wilko thank you for replying to my post I highly appreciate it. ? I have spoken to PIP and they have said my letter for ‘review’ won’t come till Sep / October time. my condition has got worse .... and legal advice was given to me that I should be entitled to more than I’m currently getting, is it worth sending more evidence off now ? or would you just suggest wait till I receive the letter? as I’m confused what to do. in respect to F2F assessments I cannot attend any, DWP said my assessment is not needed and they will either do a paper based assessment or extend my award. which is good! as I have my reasons why I cannot attend any assessments. I have got loads of evidence ( all recent ). which is all in a file as we speak. 
  • woodbine
    woodbine Member, Community Co-Production Group Posts: 7,727 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @sarahmaccs what rates are you on currently for care and mobility?
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  • sarahmaccs
    sarahmaccs Member Posts: 25 Connected
    I’m on higher rate for care. 
  • sarahmaccs
    sarahmaccs Member Posts: 25 Connected
  • thespiceman
    thespiceman Member Posts: 6,389 Disability Gamechanger
    Hello @sarahmaccs Pleased to meet you.

    Please if I can suggest if you have a disability advisor speak to her Email.

    As with any assessments will be by phone please think about asking for support with this.

    If this means a support worker or a health worker.

    If they should be advising you all the time part of their role.

    Text or Email or phone.

    Also one final thing is it always a good idea to have a clear precise report or information to help the assessor.

    If you give a file or long pages assessors may not read it all.

    Make references, points around each descriptor how the tasks and duties effect you.

    Not the disability the illness or condition looking at but how these are causing any of the descriptors the problems.

    As if they might attend with you due to COVID 19 either at an office taking the call on the phone or your home would have to discuss that with them.

    I do not know the criteria for such visits.

    Please if I can help further any questions, please ask happy to help.

    Please wish you a positive outcome.

    Please take care .


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  • woodbine
    woodbine Member, Community Co-Production Group Posts: 7,727 Disability Gamechanger
    @sarahmaccs sorry just come back on, so you don't get any mobility component? I would wait until your review is due if I was you, legal advice that you might get more is subjective, its the assessors and DWP's opinion that counts, if you go for a change of circumstances now you do risk losing what you already get.
    Hope that helps?
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  • woodbine
    woodbine Member, Community Co-Production Group Posts: 7,727 Disability Gamechanger
    I stick by what I said you can agree or disagree and the OP can take my advice or ignore it, there is always an element of risk that is fact, and I don't like being talked down to in that manner, it is not paranoid myth it can and yes does happen. I've been around the benefits system long enough, and its a shame that scope are allowing people with experience to disappear from its forums.@mikehughescq this is the first time in 18 months I have seen you answer a single benefits question.
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  • Ala
    Ala Member Posts: 18 Listener
    Hope you well.   After your post, I've decided to give the DWP - PIP call this morning.   Apparently, upcoming review/renew claimants will be given the extra 6 months  - standard extension.   That's what I've been told today, too. 

    They have me too, as others, in a constant panic and mental torture state with all the unnecessary reassessments...

    So hopefully we all have, the extra 6 months to sort things out!
    Good luck!
  • sarahmaccs
    sarahmaccs Member Posts: 25 Connected
    @Ala thank you for getting back to me. They said to me I should get my review letter around September, but the lady on the phone 6 I will get 6 months on top of that so I’m happy. call again to double make sure , and they confirmed it again ?


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