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Last year I tried asking for help with finding permitted work while in the support group ...

'People who are in the support group don't normally do permitted work! Well I guess we can help you' 

Two days later I got a letter that my ESA was going to be reassessed.

I phoned and screamed and shouted at them and got banned from the Jobcentre but more importantly no more re assessments.

Never ask the jobcentre for help with finding work unless it's mandatory. 

Don't ask me what I said to get banned, it's illegal and police came to my house.


  • janice_in_wonderland
    janice_in_wonderland Member Posts: 265 Pioneering
    Hi @MangyWolf
    V sorry you’ve experienced this 
    I hope you’re going to get this sorted out in your favour 
    Please try to let us know how you get on 
    I wish I had something more reassuring to say or hug you as it’s unsettling 
    Take care n best wishes 
  • MangyWolf
    MangyWolf Posts: 40 Connected
    edited April 2020
    Actually being banned from there is great as it means no more reassessments which means permanent support group.

    However I haven't been able to find any work since Remploy found me my last job in 2015 and I only needed a bit because of my PIP being stopped since last February, and I could only do 2 days a week because I need to take prescription opiates and Im not allowed to take them much more than that.

    I get zero replies to a C.V looked at and edited over by multiple work coaches. Recently I managed to get an interview for a part time Christmas temp at Matalan which was the first I've had in years, and they didn't take me on because they still needed people that could overtime up to 30 hours as it was a Christmas temp.

    Even more recently I was refused an interview with a Positive About Disabled People and I can prove that I met the minimum criteria the job advert specified so I am waiting now for mediation through ACAS to finally get some extra money (they said I can claim up to £900 for this, free to call solicitors said I can still get 6 months worth of wages so it's confusing which one is actually true but even £900 would be a huge help).

    I've tried applying twice to volunteer at the NHS for janitor and cafe assistant unpaid work, and each time they told me I still needed 2x2 year references even for unpaid work!

    I've been advised last by Remploy to stop looking for unpaid work in charity shops because I don't need it and have enough retail and cafe experience and to try and start for unpaid at a company I can work my way up in, such as the NHS but the NHS don't let you work unpaid without 2x2 year references!


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