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How long do DWP have to reply to courts

clare_1 Member Posts: 123 Pioneering
Hello all.
My question is this, if anyone can help.

How long do DWP have to reply to court about your appeal? First stage of court.

I have done everything right in getting things sorted in time. Done the appeal within the one month of MR being recived and I have managed to hand in my evidence to the court ( despite everything going on atm) on time. The date for that was the 23 March.

I am tracking the progress online and it Say's that the DWP had the same date to respond, but they haven't.
It also says that if DWP dose not respond by the 23 March, the courts will send them a reminder.
That the courts will let me know when they have heard back from DWP.

It dosen't say how much longer DWP can have to respond back to courts.

I know DWP are not doing F2F assessments ATM and that if I get a court date and this is still going on, they will do it over phone/ video call or just go by all evidance provided.

Thank you in advance for any reply, hope your all staying well and safe


  • mikehughescq
    mikehughescq Posts: 8,845 Connected
    There is no set date. DWP will get reminders now from HMCTS at 2 weekly intervals for around 6 weeks. If there's still no bundle at that point the matter is referred to an district judge for them to take a view on listing without a bundle. You may or may not want them to do that. 

    Instead of worrying about what they DWP are doing (which is not actually your problem. It's far more of a problem for them) I would focus on seeking representation and making sure all your ducks are in a row as regards representation. Use the delay wisely rather than trying to reduce it if you like. 

  • clare_1
    clare_1 Member Posts: 123 Pioneering
    Thank you for your reply.

    I have had to go to court before, this will be third time in doing so. I can't go out on my own so I always have in the past taken my mum, but my partner is coming with me this time. I'm not good with people I don't  know so that's why I have always taken who know me. Luckily I have won the last two times.

    The online form is new to me and being able to track it is good because I never got to see progress when wrote in letter form.
    I never got updated before so that's why i asked how long PIP have to reply. So thank you.


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