carer change again

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I`ve had to dismiss my care agency...there was quite a lot of trouble last week.
Carers had been to a household with covid and  refused to go again....afraid of bringing it to me and other clients.

2 of the staff resigned.........I have engaged another.

It was very worrying and upsetting too. Now both my carers only have me as their client.
This covid has a lot to answer for!



  • April2018mom
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    I’m sorry to read that. I work for a childcare provider and we have had similar issues. Some of our regular families have cancelled booked jobs at the last minute. I pray that this lockdown will be over soon. Can you talk to the manager of the company or not? Try explaining your concerns as clearly as possible. I hope that you can resolve things quickly too. 
  • Ails
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    Sorry to hear of this @pollyanna1052.  The change of carers must have been really upsetting and worrying for you.  I hope that things settle down for you now and you are keeping safe and well.  :smile:
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    Hi @pollyanna1052, I imagine this has been a really worry for you. How are things going?

  • pollyanna1052
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    Sorry Chloe...only just seen your message.

    I am really happy with Becky as my carer. She was with the agency I sacked, but had resigned.

    She is a lovely person. She is going to uni in I`ll need to find a replacement before then.

    Difficult times to be advertising/interviewing.
  • Lou67
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    Hi @pollyanna1052. So glad your happy with your carer, hope you get someone just as nice when you need to get a new one, enjoy rest of your day?
  • Grinchy
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    Hey @pollyanna1052, glad your happy with the carer, can't be fun going through a time of training another person to how you like things, good luck on finding a replacement