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Social Housing Allocations

kiwi_1706 Community member Posts: 28 Connected
Can anyone advise please?

My husband has diagnosed autism, learning difficulties, mental health problems etc... his social worker advised that as he was not coping with family life, and they couldn't offer him any kind of respite, that they would refer him to be rehoused separately from us, as we could not afford to move to a bigger property that would allow him to have his own space. I didn't like it, and the National Autistic Society are now supporting us to try to make sure that he will be properly supported once he moves out on his own (I am currently providing him with a significant amount of care and support - no arrangement or suggestion of support was made for when my support is not there).

So he was placed on the housing list... he was put in band b because of all his difficulties... I bid on a flat for him, which was local, and looked suitable... I submitted all his financial information.... and then they emailed to say they didn't think it was suitable for him because of his "issues", as there are drug and antisocial behaviour issues there. 

We know the area well... and it is no worse than any other block of council flats I have been to. 

He doesn't generally have a problem with drugs or antisocial behaviour... he just keeps himself to himself... 

If this is the logic that is applied, then my concern is that he might as well be at the bottom of the housing list. Being band b means nothing if they're just going to say that he's not suitable for most (if not all) of social housing properties. 

Where do we go from here? He is absolutely devastated. 


  • April2018mom
    April2018mom Posts: 2,870 Disability Gamechanger
    That sucks @kiwi_1706.
    And I am sorry to read that truly. You are in my prayers too. Have you talked to a local supported living scheme or not? They might be able to help you. I recommend also talking to your local citizens advice office about housing issues. Also it might help to talk to the social worker again to see if she can offer you tailored suggestions as well. Alternatively I advise you to contact Shelter UK over the phone or by email for a bit more specific advice or help on your particular situation. Here is their website which you can look at additionally to read details on the entire allocation process, visit the link below.
    I hope that this is helpful! In the morning you should ring up Citizen's Advice first thing and ask for their support pronto. I strongly also recommend writing a short letter or email to your local council or phoning them instead to explain the problem and then formally request a urgent review of your circumstances. I pray that this whole issue is dealt with fairly quickly. Good luck to you. Try asking your member of parliament in addition. Sometimes they can help you overturn the decision that was originally made by the council. 
    If all other options are already tried to no avail, as a extreme last ditch measure you could try telling your whole story to a national well known newspaper or magazine (sell it as a human rights story for full impact). They may even decide to publish your story or article in their next edition. Or you could hire a human rights lawyer and resolve the matter in court. You may also try asking the care quality commission for help though I am not sure if they can help you with this issue however it is worth a shot. 
    You can find the contact details on their site (the link is provided below). Do not take no for a answer yet.
    Is he on any benefits? If so you can use some of the money to find a property that is appropriate. Another option is to hold a couple of fundraising events to raise money. Re read the decision letter from the council again, maybe you missed something important. 

  • Chloe_Scope
    Chloe_Scope Posts: 10,586 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @kiwi_1706, this must have been really frustrating! Have you heard anything else from them?


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