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Losing mobilty car

Mobility are going to take the car back...!!!

I currently look after my partner who has a number of illnesses ( will go into more detail another time).

The car is in his name & I am the named driver!! 

On a recent errand I felt I needed to stop after I had to brake heavily, my partner at the time started to get anxious at the situation & demanded he drove a little until I felt able to continue!!  He sat in the drivers seat & started the engine etc so I jumped in the passenger seat.  He drove about a mile & unfortunately he got stopped by police & got charged with driving without insurance & driving whilst disqualified.  The police contacted the Mobility Company & told them what had happened.  Days later we get a letter indicating that they're taking the car from us.  We're in bits!!  The car is his life line without it he'll suffer.  I know Im to blame as I shouldnt of let him drive but trying to control him whilst he's anxious & overwhelmed is a no.  In the letter it has no option to appeal, can we??  Please has anyone had the same happen to the them or have knowledge of what steps to take??  


  • woodbine
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    Hi @SunShineyShe welcome to scope, I'm not sure I have the definitive answer but I suspect they are within their right to do what they have done, looking on the positive side you will now be over £60 a week better off, any chance you could use that to buy a decent second hand car?
    Have you had a conversation with motability to see if you can appeal.?
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  • pollyanna1052
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    Mmm, looks like you probably wont win any appeal. Fair cop and all that.

    Woodbine`s idea of using the money to buy another car would be a good idea.

    Lesson learned!
  • SunShineyShe
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    Thank you for your replies...

    So you both are saying they'll not change their minds?? 

    Since getting the letter my partner has gone back to self  harming, Im lost to what to do..as I say the car is his lifeline & very much his safe space when he's  anxious on an outing or indoors.
  • Ails
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    Hi @SunShineyShe and welcome to the Community.  It's nice to meet you.  I'm really sorry to hear that you are having to hand back your car and can appreciate how stressful this must be for you and your partner.  I agree that @Woodbine's ideas of speaking to Motability to see if you can appeal is worth a try and if no success with them, maybe saving the money to buy a second hand car.  

    With regards to your partner self-harming, this must be extremely upsetting for you to witness.  Does he receive any support for his mental health?  Please know that you can speak to us anytime for some support on here if things get too much as there will always be someone on here to listen.  Let us know how you get on with the car and good luck!  :smile:
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  • Adrian_Scope
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    Hi @SunShineyShe.
    I can appreciate how difficult this situation is for you. Please let us know how you get on with Motability.

    In terms of your partner beginning to self-harm again. Can I ask what sort of support he usually receives for his mental health? Has he had a look at LifeSIGNS or Mind's resources on tackling self-harm in the long-term before? Obviously your partner can give Samaritans a call (116 123) if he's struggling with these feelings, but if you feel at any time that he's a danger to himself, please call 999.

    If you feel like it might be of use to your partner, we'd also be willing to make a social care referral on his behalf.
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  • janer1967
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    As suggested the best outcome would be to use the money you will now get to pay towards another car. there are often better deals out there than the mobility scheme offers anyway and the car would be yours at the end of payments and no threat of it being taken asway
  • SunShineyShe
    SunShineyShe Member Posts: 5 Listener
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    Thank you for the informative websites.

    I have rang the mobility company without a positive result!!  They have looked at the case & will not consider anything we have to say about it....car going!!!  I feel this is unfair & I will still write & challenge their decision, to not let us have a say nor listen to our side of what happened is completely unacceptable in my opinion.  Devastated....
  • Cressida
    Cressida Member Posts: 976 Connected
    @SunShineyShe I don't think they will change their minds if he was driving whilst disqualified and without insurance. Don't blame yourself as it's not your fault. @woodbine has given good advice, I would pursue that option. 

  • woodbine
    woodbine Community Co-Production Group Posts: 7,153 Disability Gamechanger
    I would add this, perhaps you could get your MP involved? I know it's a long shot but might be worth it, nothing to lose and all that??
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