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New blog up now!!! Follow my education journey up to now

My new post is now up and it's all about my experience in the education system as someone with a disability, hope you enjoy ?


  • Grinchy
    Grinchy Member Posts: 751 Pioneering
    Very interesting read, you have had challenges and come through them a stronger person, good for you, i wish you all the best 
  • deb74
    deb74 Member Posts: 782 Pioneering
    Hi @girlinawheelchair. You could have been writing about my school days! I have spina bifida scoliosis and hydrocephalus. The main thing I have always faced is my disabilities are invisible which makes it hard for people to understand my limitations. When I was at school I really struggled with my school work due to my mental health problems and I was bullied and always last in to be picked for the sports team because my co-ordination isn't very good. The teacher would put me in a team and all the other kids in the team used to start moaning. When I was at school teaching assistants didn't exist so I was left to just get on with it and was way behind everyone else with my school work. I didn't really understand my disabilities when I was a child because my parents didn't talk about it and I always felt I was thick because I couldn't do things that the other children found really easy to do. When I left school I decided to and push myself academically and found someone to help me get through college. I then went to university but dropped out after a year because it was stressful. I then went back  to college to study art and decided to go back to university but dropped out again. I then went back to college. I have never been able to keep a job for long because of my mental health problems and the pressure that is put on me. I prefer working for myself so if I muck something up I have no-one to answer to. (sorry this message is so long).


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