Worried about failing to meet an absence target

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Hi all,
my name is Claire and I have Arnold Chiari Malformation, Hypermobility Syndrome and Ehlers Danlos.
i am looking for support really and friendship.
My neurological condition is fairly rare and so I find it difficult not being able to talk to people going through the same thing.
im in constant pain and il be honest it’s miserable.
im having issues at work currently as my probation was extended due to absence caused by my disability and I was given an absence target which I just about managed to meet but the review meeting has been postponed indefinitely due to the Covid-19 (I’m a nurse), it was meant to be a 6 month extension but we’re 8 months in now and the target I was given within 6 months I’m about to go over due to a flare up I’m having and I’m so scared I’ll get the sack.
can anyone advise me please or have experience of this problem?



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    Hi @hawkinsc388 - Welcome to this friendly & supportive community, Claire. I also have the hypermobile type of Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome & Chiari 1 Malformation, which can be associated with this. You're the first person I've 'met' online here with this, tho I have met someone with this combination in real life.
    I'm in constant pain the moment I'm upright, so understand a little about what you're going through. I'm also a physio tho worked as such a long time ago. However then, as now, I appreciate the hard work nurses do.
    There is some info here on Scope that may be helpful about 'Reasonable Adjustments.' Please see: https://www.scope.org.uk/advice-and-support/work-careers/reasonable-adjustments/
    You could also consider working fewer hours, if this is financially viable. My best wishes, hoping this may help. If not, please let us all know, as there's usually someone here to help/advise. :)

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    HI @hawkinsc388 Welcome to the community.

    Your employer should make reasonable adjustments based on your disabilities as per EQUALITY ACT. One of the adjustments could be reducing the absence targets or allowing you unpaid time off.

    The fact that your probation extension has gone over by 2 months would make it very difficult for them to dismiss you as they have been satisfied with your performance enough to let it run over.

    If you have any issues or need advise please contact ACAS who are experts and offer free advisory service
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    Hi @hawkinsc388, I just wanted to check in and see how you were getting on. :)