Invisible impairments
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Fibromyalgia and walking aids, do they help ?

raddersradders Member Posts: 6 Connected
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Good evening.
I was diagnosed almost a year ago with fibro and cfs , since then I have become progressively worse, more so with nighttime pain , restless legs and really bad stiffness in my legs. I work full time (currently on furlough due to covid) . I am unable to take painkillers due to stomach issues , I am on Amatrypaline.  My partner thinks I should see my GP about getting a stick or crutches because when my legs are stiff I stumble a lot and struggle to keep my balance , my question is, would they actually help, and would my gp give me one for fibro stiffness? I would like to say I am keeping fairly active during lockdown, doing short walks when possible and gentle stretching along with some low impact exercise when I'm having a good day,Many thanks 


  • neuromum4neuromum4 Member Posts: 69 Courageous
    Hello there, I would definitely get in touch with the Gp they can refer you to occupational health. They will do an assessment. In the meantime I would say get a stick off ebay so that you can keep a safe as possible.

    I have always had fluctuating neurological symptoms. I got a stick from ebay. When I explained to the doctor the problems I was facing OT did an assessment ( they gave me a proper stick right height)

    Took some time for the intial  assessment, 5 months (I'm in London). by then I could not walk much,balance issues (many falls and broke coccyx)and was really struggling with everything.

     Many adjustments were made to my home ), I got a bathlift, bed rail, stair rail and ramp etc.(waiting for stairlift).

    They also referred me to the wheelchair service and other agencies too and I did not know how much help there is. I am now really bad and after an assessment with adult social care,  I am finally getting a carer.

     My children do nearly everything for me. I can't tolerate being upright always in pain. I actually have around 33 diagnosis"s 4 are neurological.

    Please get the help you need.

    Sorry to babble on🙈

    Take care.

  • raddersradders Member Posts: 6 Connected
    Many thanks for advice, I shall have a chat with the GP x
  • deb74deb74 Member Posts: 766 Pioneering
    Hi @radders. I know this is an old topic but I have only just seen it. I have ME, fibromyalgia and cervical spondylosis. I am quite unsteady on my feet sometimes and in quite a lot of pain. I do use crutches when I need them. My legs get quite stiff sometimes and I can't walk without the crutches.
  • Faith2008Faith2008 Member Posts: 11 Listener
    I’m sorry to hear your going through this. I have extremely bad restless leg syndrome which unless you have it could never understand how awful it is. I use a stick to lean on to move around. I brought it when I had my first covid jab as I was really struggling to walk and the closest shop was a pharmacy and they sold walking sticks so I got one and it has helped me loads. I also have house aids to help me when my wrists and arms hurt. It cost me around £20 I think it was just under and it folds away in a bag so I can take it with me all the time. Please see your GP or have a look on Amazon for one as it really does help. 
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