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Vulnerables: Oh wow another label...

Ronni Member Posts: 162 Pioneering
 B) Labels I have many. The one who'sdeaf, got PNP, dyslexic possibly dyspraxia. Old. Or my favourite... the client. It different  where ever I go.
Nothing change.  lockdown not a new thing. Been that way for years. My communication skills not being the best. Trying for answers and solutions in so many different places. So I decided the thing that change was me. Had a place of mix.ability. So after years in isolation i ventured online. (Who says you cant cant old new tricks... it still work in progress) Been to several again.  But then on my renewed face bk thingy.... an ad for Scope appeared..  i clicked and ended here. Hi I'm Ronnie a quirk.. not cool kinda of old school. Trying to step back iin to the world after 5 years. Partly because no support. No communication ability. Socially introverted.  And partly because I gave in try to fit in an inaccessible  world. Almost 49 thought on list for this the that for years they never came things were sorted.  
For some strange reason in lock decided to try again. People are still promising and putting on list but all of or which on hold. So trying figure out the things I can do rather than focus on the things I cant. They do say life begins at 50 so I got a year to figure it all out. This looks a good place to start. But not sure what questions to ask. 
Anyone else venturing into the world.? 

Sorry the long write up. 


  • Adrian_Scope
    Adrian_Scope Posts: 8,572

    Scope community team

    No need to apologise for the long write up. Sometimes someone has a lot to say!  :smiley:

    It’s good to have you here @Ronni. Is there anything you’d like to have achieved by 50?
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  • Ronni
    Ronni Member Posts: 162 Pioneering
    A new begining.
    Life keeps being put on hold. 
    My big issue is communication. Tried to learn sign but interpreting it is extremely hard. Looking at things to to help communicate others.
    My main goal is simple a coffee a chat. That's the hardest one.
    Loose wait improve physical. Diet going well helped by that the fact cant get much shopping. Basic Health   and nutrition  course and other basic courses.  Those are things can do other things have been put on waiting lists past 5 yrs. Get a pa. Physio therapy. Ho
    E adapted to me so I can use kitchen and bathroom. 
    I would love to have a business from home. Go out more meet people. Been stuck in 5 yrs past yr yr not even a medical appointment. Havent seen mother for a year.
    Ii have a humanities degree but that was before. Loved art and archiecture computer graphics. Photography. But 20 yrs is long time. So not sure what's outthere.
    But I'm determined to find somthing.


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