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Well..I'm kinda the same...

Karen777 Member Posts: 4 Connected
Nothing in my life has really changed apart from family get togethers I suppose n choosing to go sumwere wen having a better day,,,I sleep the majority of the day ,,I'm trying So hard to get out this rut n JUST DO SOMETHING   wen I'm asleep I'm at peace I'm sorry to sound depressing but it's the way it is with me..but if u no me on a better day n the sun is shining n I've had so much meds or and drink..n drunk u probably won't think I am the way I am..then the next day I can struggle to get outa bed or ready to go anywhere...I've piled weight on as luckily my carer drives which is good but not 4 my weight but if he didnt I wudnt go no were ...since all this vivid I only have to go 4 my meds twice weekly which is better I like the fact that wen I'm anywere even the supermarket now there only a handful of people bar the staff ..I've even got a dentist appointment IM GOIN TO ATTEND 2mora as including me theres only 5 of us so my anxiety shud b ok...I've even said to my carer he may wait outside with my bag ect as u cant take them in..but he will b at door as soon as I'm done....I've made myself physically ill as only been able to eat soup 4  days now as any touches my bad teeth its AGONY its affected my sleep 2 thsts to say the least I just wish I made an appointment sooner so if u r like me,,make an appointment..if I can , u can ..I no I've not been but I will anyway this hasnt really changed much 4 me only helped a bit but like I said missing family is the worst they understand me ..I hope u all like me r ok...n if NOT PLZ ASK 4 HELP ,,IT REALLY IS THERE XX


  • 66Mustang
    66Mustang Member Posts: 7,395 Disability Gamechanger
    Thanks for posting this, it is very true!
  • janer1967
    janer1967 Member Posts: 16,359 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @Karen777 I am sorry to hear about the things you are suffering with tooth pain really can be the worst pain ever so hopefully you will get sorted at the dentist.

    I hope with the ease of lockdown you get to meet some of your family even if its just in a garden

    I too have put on lots of weight since losing my leg and being unable to be mobile and I really am trying to cut down but lack of exercise is the issue.

    We are always here to offer support and just for a chat


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