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If we become concerned about you or anyone else while using one of our services, we will act in line with our safeguarding policy and procedures. This may involve sharing this information with relevant authorities to ensure we comply with our policies and legal obligations.

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lizzyburns Member Posts: 12 Connected
I just would like to start by saying I hope your all well and safe. I just wanted to give you all a update. A family friends son went to a tribunal ( before covid ) and said they made him feel so relaxed, he waited a good year. and won !!!! he got just over 10K!! about 4 weeks later they paid they money into his account. and he was awarded it for 5 years, enhanced for both parts. the DWP can appeal it ..... but from knowing people that work for the DWP 9/10 they don’t bother. but can’t promise you that will be the case for you. and just to make it clear I’m not saying you will win your case , just sharing his story. from knowing a DWP decision maker ( he retired last year ). he said they go off what the report says they get back. but he also said they prefer it not going to tribunal as if they win we have to pay them backdated pay which could be a lot of money! my advice to anyone is be clear , about your problems. And be honest. obviously with covid going on it’s all telephone assessments. 


  • Lou67
    Lou67 Member Posts: 1,000 Pioneering
    [email protected] Great news about your friends son, thanks for sharing that, I’m waiting on word from my MR just now but by going with what Iv heard it will probably be the long rd to appeal, but the news youv just given has given me hope to go all the way if need be so thank you ? 
  • Adrian_Scope
    Adrian_Scope Posts: 8,578 Scope online community team
    Great news about your friend's son @lizzyburns! Thank you for sharing with us.
    Community Manager

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  • lizzyburns
    lizzyburns Member Posts: 12 Connected
    @Lou67 how many points did you get? what you claiming it for? if you don’t mind me asking hun. fight for it! too many people just give up. 
  • lizzyburns
    lizzyburns Member Posts: 12 Connected
    @Adrian_Scope your welcome. PIP is great as you can work and claim. and for everyone to no ( you don’t have to declare ) to DWP you are working! someone else on here stated this and it’s true. the only time you need to declare it is if your getting points for stuff you can do therefore shouldn’t be entitled to XYZ. but it’s not a legal requirement. as stated on the PIP website. 
  • Lou67
    Lou67 Member Posts: 1,000 Pioneering
    [email protected] No I don’t mind you asking at all, Iv got bad anxiety, depression a lot due to past physical and mental abuse for a lot of years, I was admitted to hospital with severe sepsis in 2017 for 6 weeks I has left me more anxious and breathless when trying to do stuff, also got osteoarthritis in my hands and feet and knees I’m currently waiting on 2 knee replacements but Iv put a bit of weight on so need to loose some before I go on the list ☹️Until February I was receiving standard DL got was at assessment in March in April got word back I received 6 points for DL and 10 for mobility so receive standard mobility, Sorry post so long you’ll be sorry you asked lol 


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