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Something i have been thinking about with BLM

Hi all!

I have recently joined this forum and would like to ask my fellow community members their thoughts on this:

BLM is a truly important issue and is utterly heartbreaking and i am so glad things are being done. it breaks my heart and i just cry when  i see how dreadful this world is. i don't physically understand how we can live in world today that has such evil humanity...that said, it has made me think about all the other people in the world that deserve equality as well. 

What about the Asian & oriental community? or the LGBT or the disabled community like us? the aim should be equality for ALL and i feel like other groups that suffer discrimination deserve a voice and could get cast aside...does anyone else feel like BLM is an absolutely necessary campaign, but, so are all the other groups that i have just mentioned and ultimately we as a society should be trying to push that forward too? made me think about campaigning or trying to raise the awareness here...thoughts?


  • janer1967
    janer1967 Member Posts: 15,069 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @AnneWithAnE Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us and I am sure there are lots of members who agree with you.

    I agree with your sentiments and there are too many groups who are not treated fairly just because they are not the same as the majority.

    I think it is down to educating from an early age to treat everyone with the same respect and dignity as it is hard to change the views and behaviour of those already set in their ways
  • neuromum4
    neuromum4 Member Posts: 70 Courageous
    I am all for equality. But BLM is deeper than that. It's racism. 
    Imagine as parents we tell our children how beautiful they are but black parents must also educate their children about how much they are hated because of their skin colour. Imagine walking down the road and people grabbing their hand bags because you are black.
    Imagine everytime you go out you get stopped and searched by the police because you are black.
     This is normal for black people, even us disabled ones!
    Imagine putting your hand up in a class asking for help and blatantly being ignored because you are black. 

    Think about the hundreds of years of oppression that black people had to go through. Their human rights taken away because they are black.
    Not getting a job because they are black.
    Imagine taking your child to play group and your child comes to you and tells you the other child parent's don't want your child to play with them because they are black?

    Imagine your walking in a city at night having people shout racist abuse at you.

    Imagine going to work or university and your work place bullies you because you are black or your lecturer undermarks your work on purpose.

    I am black,I was born and grew up in the UK. My father is from the windrush generation. My grandfather fought in world war 1.
    My family and fellow black people have taken years of of systemic racism. 

    It's much, much more than equal rights. 
     Do you think it's right that in 2020 that black people should be fighting for equal rights? Human rights? 
    Protest for people to realise how racism is still happening and needs to stop.
    White people have white privilege because of the colour of their skin. It's fact. So why when black people stand up and fight for rights why does it have to be a debate?

    Why is ending racism a debate?

    We are not starting a race war we are trying to end one that has lasted for hundreds of years.

    Racism is not a difference of opinion.

    Black lives matter, we never said ONLY black lives matter. Black lives are in danger.

    Just because some people may not be affected by racism it does not mean it's not happening it is.

    This has to stop.
    Too many have lost lives due to racism.

    And yes I am disabled.

    What you see in the media now is everyone one standing up to end racism. It should have never existed no race is more superior to another.

    Yes I believe in equal rights but right now I am fighting for and end to racism. 

    How can I fight for equal rights If my voice it is not heard for human rights?

    I hope I got my point accross. Just think. Try to put yourself in the shoes. 
    I am a woman, I am black, I am disabled and you know what I have to fight for everything things that non black people don't have to fight for.
  • neuromum4
    neuromum4 Member Posts: 70 Courageous
    Very true. I agree with some of your points.
    People NEED to educate themselves. If in doubt ask.
  • AnneWithAnE
    AnneWithAnE Member Posts: 6 Listener
     I never said or suggested BLM wasn’t something I could understand or supprt / put my self in shoes of..quite the contrary. Of course I believe in it. I completely support. 
  • neuromum4
    neuromum4 Member Posts: 70 Courageous
    @AnneWithAnE, You have taken offence. I did not suggested anything. I just wrote so some who don't understand fully have an idea.  I am just stating fact and truth.
    My point was not about what you do or don't support..its looking from another point of view. 
    I did not disagree with you about equal rights I just pointed out what NEEDs to be fixed.
    Trying to.put yourself in someone else 's shoes gives you a bit of perspective.  But who feels it knows it.
    I am fighting many battles, as I stated above.

  • AnneWithAnE
    AnneWithAnE Member Posts: 6 Listener
    Yes I agree and glad you knew I fully support. Terrible to think of the many battles you have to fight daily. 


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