Thinking About the future.

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 :) Hi all.
I've thinking about the future with regards to independent living.

I dont how I would be possible for all those who need a P.A or similar.

Perhaps one solution is....

Assistance dogs. 
They different ones. 
Thanks to the advice of several people on here.
I checked out the Assistance dogs international for uk. 

Besides guide dogs and hearing dogs. They have medical alert dogs and more.

But only 7,000 out there now and takes upto a year to train.

We cant always rely on gadgets especially in a storm but theres still many great ones.

Have you guys thought about this and solutions. 
Especially  housing options. With warden services.
And transport. For disabled.

More none for profit mobility stores... wheelchairs and other equipment way to expensive.

Any ideas, imaginative 
inventive  logical, pioneering.


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    I would love to have a dog, they are loving and caring but I could not guarantee enough walking time and would have a hard time cleaning up after it goes to the toilet and also around the home. 
    I have read so many positives about support animals though.