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Unsuitable housing but council disagree with OT report

Mintygirl01 Member Posts: 1 Listener

My daughter lives with me in a 2 bed Council flat, with no lift. we had an occupational report that stated she needed GF accommadation as the 2 flights of stairs were too much. we also handed in lots of reports on her health condition., she has been assessed by the Medical advisor who has left her in Band D. it states unless new medical conditions were recorded she cant appeal. My daughter is 22 and on a good day struggles with the stairs it so upsetting to see her get to the bottom of the stairs and cry or if she has one appointment at 10.00 and another at 1pm she will sit in the car rather then climb the stairs again. she recieves Pip as they felt her conditiion warrented it but not the council what can i do?




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