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new esa claim queries


I have BDP late last year I lost my job due to it, very regular orrurence, so always was on UC, went and seen my doctor got signed off for a month then another month. Went back to attending my job search meeting.

In january i got summoned to the assesment centre I assume due to the sick notes.
In febuary I got informend I am limited capability for work and no longer had to attend my job centre appointments except once a quarter.

Recently found myself homeless and woman helping to re-house me asked why im not on esa as it apparently "looks better" for landlords.

So i put a claim in (i think) havent got a phone atm so couldnt put a phone number in, have recieved no emails nor any letters through the post. Only made the claim maybe 2 weeks ago at most. So maybe getting a bit ahead of it. 

Should I have recieved some sort of letter or something by now? Or did i mess up the claim? At end of it, it told me to use my NI as a reference if i have questions so sure i finished it. Also will I class as already having been assessed as I already been in January.

Many thanks for any help, and apologies for the ramble.


  • janer1967
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    Hi and weleome, if you only made the claim a couple of weeks ago I wouldn't worry too much as they are dealing with huge amounts of new claims and benefits with reduced staffing levels .

    I am not too sure if you will be eligible for ESA now you are claiming YC but I am sure @Adrian_Scope will be able to give you more advice
  • Adrian_Scope
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    Scope community team

    Hello @AJ22 and welcome to the community.
    Before the lockdown claims for NS ESA were supposed to be processed and first payment at assessment rate received in 2 weeks, but there lots of cases I've seen where this is taking much longer at the moment. Eligibility to claim NS ESA is dependant upon your work history and NI contributions over the last two tax years. If you haven't heard anything after 3 weeks it may be worth giving them a call to query.

    However, as you are currently receiving Universal Credit, you will be no better off financially claiming NS ESA as it is deducted pound for pound from UC as an overlapping benefit. LCW/LCWRA has replaced ESA for most claimants.

    (Thank you for the tag @janer1967)
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