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Therapy for autism. What is it?

Alf Member Posts: 4 Listener
Hi I'm abbie, as I was looking back at my autism diagnostic/ cognitive report I found it said that I'm sopposed to be having therapy. And I now know after reading it like lots of times that they expected me to get it myself by either going to GPs or the national autistic society. This is on my own or with help.

But I am worried as when it came to the end of my sessions with wellbeing suffulk I was told that they could refer me to someone for more sessions around anxiety. I declined due to not being able to afford it. 

The therapy s that were recommended were;
Emotional understanding and recognition therapy, 
Socal skills training which is a type of behavioural therapy, 
Psychological therapy such as cognative behavioural therapy. 

What are these therapys and what do they entail and should I try one? 



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