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The end is inevitable

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It appears that no matter what further action I take I have been sent home from hospital to die. Not of an illness or condition but of a complete lack of ability in moving around and getting food and drink. Usually when I tell people this most people don't believe me because they seem to think the NHS is a good and helpful service and I guess that for simpler and more understood conditions it may be but not for anything complicated or new. If they do not have a specific script for detection and treatment they they have no idea what to do, make mistakes and then spend ALL their time protecting each other and covering up the mistakes. This is the situation I find myself in.

Social Care will not even make an official assessment of me because of mistakes in the past.
Likewise Orthopaedics will not even talk to me for similar reasons.
Both my GP and the hospital Pain Team will take no further action because they do not know what to do.
The Pain Clinic claim to have done everything possible and refuse referrals.
Social Housing will not move me to more appropriate accommodation because I cannot follow their standard procedures even though I have an OT report stating I should be moved.
Mental Health have written me off under the excuse of "better support from the GP would dissipate the issues".

I am prevented from being on stronger pain killers (that I have been on before) for no reason I can ascertain. I cannot use either of my wheelchairs due to inappropriate accommodation despite having an Occupational Therapy report that says I need to. I am unnecessarily HOUSEBOUND due to a lack of pain killers. I receive no help or support (not even from family) because I don't qualify but, if I follow their instructions, I would be homeless due to lack of funds in 3 months if I paid for sufficient help and it will take much longer than that to get back on benefits.

And so, I am forced to walk on a leg that causes extreme pain with every single step and forced to use an arm that causes excessive pain every time I use it and no one, especially not my GP surgery, cares enough to help with anything. Repeated attempts to complain about every department have been ignored and / or deflected. Even complaints to my MP. I have even contacted 3 newspapers in the hope they would publish the story but it seems no one is interested in helping support a 63 year old white male with considerable debilitating issues.

I am faced with a choice.... die slowly and painfully due to a lack of food and drink or try to speed the process up and at least go sooner, peacefully and (hopefully) in as little pain as possible. I just wish there was a process to do this officially and properly.

My race is run.

"I'm on the wrong side of heaven and the righteous side of hell" - from Wrong side of heaven by Five Finger Death Punch.


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