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Hi, my name is Pixie51!

Pixie51 Member Posts: 70 Courageous
Hi there
I thought I would join up as at the end of my tether health wise. I was diagnosed with SB occulta about 20 years ago after a fall from my horse and it showed up in an xray and told it was very common and wouldn't cause me any problems. Fast forward to 10 years ago and after many back leg chronic pain issues and extreme fatigue I was diagnosed with fibro. The last two years I have had 3 bad relapses (I am a real outdoor person and work always on the go when I can) and the last one has floored me. Headaches tingling legs, numbness back pain tight calves and exhausted. I keep tripping and am black and blue!! My gp says I appear to have muscle weakness to legs and has referred me to neuro for an mri they are thinking MS possibly but I have just read an article about rare occulta complications which also appear to mirror mine.
I am obviously not here for Dx just wondered if anyone is in a similar position or experience. It hadn't crossed my mind that my symptoms could be linked to the SB. Sorry for such a huge post! I am a yoga teacher and can't even do much practice at the mo ?
Yoga heals the soul ??



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