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Suffering from Dysarthria

Vickiniaz Community member Posts: 2 Listener
edited October 2021 in Sensory impairments
i am new to this forum 

Dysarthria affects different people in different ways. Some people sound like they're mumbling or slurring their words. ... Their voices may sound unusually hoarse, breathy, or strained. Dysarthria can affect more than just speech.

Symptoms of dysarthria are mostly changes in speech, and include the following:
1. The speed of speech may be different (faster or slower).
2. The speech is often difficult to understand.
3. Speech might sound slurred, mumbled, or choppy.
4. The person may have trouble moving the lips, jaw, and tongue.

I am suffering from Dysarthria with nasal voice, In many occasions you might have noticed when i speak its hard to understand sometime its fast pitch and some time its slow with nasal voice even on phone its more difficult.
problem in languages
Ladakhi  :basic 
Kashmiri: basic  
Urdu :basic 
Hindi : Moderate 
English :Moderate 
Nepali :Fluent 

its hard to understand some words and hard to pronounce and mispronounce words or first letter of word,person with dysarthria get aggressive after some minutes of conversation when he fail to express and fail to let person understand what is trying to remember how many occasions you didn’t understood. so next time we talk bear with me i am also trying to know more words and try to pronounce corrective way. 

Nasal voice it all started after my tonsil surgery at the of 7 since then i had difficulties for breathing,talking and started heavy snoring during nights.



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