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Unsuitable accommodation

Abdulchowdhury Member Posts: 5 Listener
Manchester Move Ref - [Removed by moderator]

Dear Sir/Madam

I am writing about my health condition is very poor just come out my chemotherapy and going through so much side effect, I lost my sleeping, no appetite, always feel sick,   my right side shoulder to all the way down  got serious pain since last December 2018 due to a chemotherapy side effect, all over body itching and rush and ammonium system so so poor and very quick get food positing and digesting problem and 247 feel so so cold. I also get a very quick infection and I always go through chest and cough and fever and continue taking antibiotic.

[ Removed by moderator]house condition so poor and so many times I asked to visit but unfortunately, still, no one comes to visit my poor place.

I also recently Diogenes got Asma and breathing problem. I also getting treatment of Asma and its happened due to house poor condition.


My daughter [Removed by moderator] got Asma and breathing problem and it got worst and now she been referring to hospital and waiting for an appointment. She got pain her both feet due to flat feet and going through treatment. She also continues going through cough and chest infection and cold.

My young daughter very closed to get Asma because she also keeps getting cough and cold and chest infection.in my family no history of Asma but due to the damp house, we all got Asma and cough and temperature. Our heating system not working at all and all house got hole all over the house so cold air so easily get cold to many drafts coming in the house bathroom has hole and so much fleas in the house  most damp and smelly so whenever we go in the bathroom very smelly smell and feel can't breathe in it is effecting all of our health we find breathing problem of all of us. The kitchen continues water licking when we shower  


We really in a very bad position and I have been asking you and Manchester council to come and visit us however last 3 years still no one come to visit us. To see our position. We are so hopeless and don’t know what to do and who can help us.

I am a blood cancer patient and my health condition so poor and get infection get do quickly in damp and cold. I really hopeless now and hope you can help me.

17 July 2017 had a serious incident happened outside my house I was seriously abused by a couple of people Infront of my house 2 daughter had witnessed it and I feel it has had an impact on their emotional side we have been through so much tremor and its seriously damaged us as a family. We feel screed living here as well.


My health condition is getting seriously very poor this house is affecting me as well as my children I am continuously screaming for help I would be grateful if someone can come out and access my situation and the condition of the house no action has been taken, I feel no one is feeling our pain

Manchester Move did not allow me to up those documents so that's why I been asked to email.

I could not email to you me and my two daughters medical report due it been to big so i will posted to you.

I would be great full of hearing from you.Best regards


[Removed by moderator]


A M Chowdhury



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