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MR and Assessment Report advice

Adora858 Member Posts: 23 Courageous
Hi guys, 
I had my PIP assessment on the 3rd of July, and called up on the 10th July to ask for my assessment report to be sent out. The man on the phone said that he would put in the request, but that it could only be sent out once the decision maker had looked at it, and then it would be sent by second class post.

Today I received my actual decision letter. I got 2 points for daily living, and 0 for mobility. I know this happens to a lot of people, so I shouldn't be too upset, but honestly I'm heartbroken. I've been struggling for a few years now, and hidden away from people so they wouldn't see how bad my life has become, and it feels like the one time I managed to pluck up the courage to talk about it, I've not been believed at all. Please forgive me for the negativity, I'm just very daunted about the process ahead.

Anyway, for my actual questions: 1. I know I have a limited amount of time to send off an MR letter, so I want to get started pretty soon, but I haven't yet received my assessment report. I think I would prefer to have a look at this, before doing my MR letter, as I'd like to see exactly what was said (e.g the decision letter says I was calm and relaxed during my assessment, but in actuality I struggled to get my words out and broke down crying multiple times, so I would like to see how this is described in the assessment report). Is there a chance my assessment report hasn't actually been sent out, and isn't likely to arrive? I'm scared to call, but if its the right thing to do to call and check its been sent then I will.

2. Does anyone have any advice for my MR letter? I felt like I included pretty much everything that was relevant in my initial claim form (I followed the advice on here, to talk about how my conditions affect me, the frequency of issues, used lots of real life examples, etc), so I worry I would be repeating myself in my MR. Is this okay? For example, I wrote on my form (and said in my assessment) about how I can't eat or drink when my husband isn't home, and how he had to come back early from his dad's funeral because I was very unwell from being unable to eat/drink - I think this is a good example of my issues, but will they be annoyed if I just repeat this same example in my MR? (for context, I got no points for the preparing food or eating/drinking categories).
Additionally, I've heard online it's good to write in my MR letter how many points I think I should have got for each category, and why, but will this go against me if I claim 'too much'? I honestly, truthfully, think I am due 8, 4, 0 (due to having no official meds/therapy), (unsure, please see below), 2, 0, 0, 8, 2. But I realise this adds up to 24 points (not including the washing category, which I will mention in a sec), and I dont want to seem like I am asking for too much?

Lastly, the washing and bathing category. If the descriptor for 8 points was just 'cannot wash and bathe at all', I believe I would get 8 points due to being unable to do this reliably/the appropriate amount (I have a shower generally once a month, sometimes as little as once every 6 weeks, and this is clearly not an appropriate amount). But it says 'cannot wash and bathe at all and needs another person to wash their entire body'. The last part doesn't really apply to me (I don't need physical assistance to wash my arms/chest, for example). Should I lower my points to one of the lower categories?

Please forgive me for the long post/all the questions, and thank you in advance for any advice. 


  • poppy123456
    poppy123456 Member Posts: 23,910 Disability Gamechanger

    I'm sorry to hear this. You have 1 month from the date of the decision to request the MR and yes you should put that in writing stating where and why you think you should have scored those points.

    While the report can be useful it's not essential that you need it to write the MR. You should avoid mentioning any lies/inaccuracies that may have been told in there anyway because they won't be interested in any of those.

    I totally understand how frustrating it is not to have been awarded the points you think you should have scored. Although to be honest it does help to have some understanding of the PIP descriptors and what they mean.

    You stated that you think you should have scored 8 points for washing/bathing. That's a lot to score in one activity. Why can't you do this? if you used an aid would that help you? This is what they will look at first and if they think an aid would help then that's what you'll score points for. If they think that wouldn't help they would look at needing assistance and so on and so forth.

    It's very easy to score yourself more points than you can realistically score. Likewise it's very easy to under score yourself points.

    When writing the MR you need to do exactly as you stated, even if you wrote it on the form. Give different examples, rather than the same ones previously.

    Do be aware that most MR decisions remain the same. So it's very likely you'll have to take it to Tribunal. Yes, it's very stressfull process but i urge you to continue with Tribunal rather than start a new claim if the MR fails.

    Good luck.

  • Adora858
    Adora858 Member Posts: 23 Courageous
    Hi @poppy123456 thank you very much for your reply, I really appreciate it and I will follow your advice as best I can.

    With regards to the washing category, my reasons for being unable to wash are a combination of mental (unable to muster up the will to shower/wash myself) and physical (It physically hurts me a lot to shower, and it is incredibly exhausting for me - to the point where I am in tears every time I have a shower from how much it hurts/exhausts me). I use an aid (a shower stool) every time, any would be unable to shower without this, but it still doesn't enable me to have a shower often enough, because the pain/exhaustion remains. Similarly, I need my husband to prompt and encourage me to shower a lot (and he physically washes my back and hair), and I wouldn't be able to wash at all without his prompting, but even with the prompting and physical help from him I can't shower often enough. Even if he could physically wash my entire body for me, I would still not be able to wash often enough, due to lack of mental motivation (/anxiety about the pain), and because it would still cause my pain and exhaustion, in so far as merely sitting on the stool causes me pain/exhaustion (and raising my arms/legs etc also adds to the pain). 

    Sorry if this is too much detail, and of course don't feel like you have to give an answer, but do you think I could reasonably ask for the 8 points? Or am I overshooting and would be better off asking for a lower point score for this category? 

    Thanks again for your time 
  • Lou67
    Lou67 Member Posts: 906 Pioneering
    Hi I just wanted to wish you well with your MR, I had been getting DL up until it finished in February, after my assessment in March I was awarded 6 points for DL so no award I got 10 points for mobility so got standard I put in MR April sent a copy of some medical records and doctor gave me a cpl of letters  from the consultant regarding severe arthritis in both knees I’m currently waiting on 2 knee replacements, and copy of my ex rays, I got word back a cpl weeks ago, my standard mobility was changed to Enhanced no change with my DL but receiving help to take it to appeal, I just wanted you to no sometimes it can change, take care😊
  • Adora858
    Adora858 Member Posts: 23 Courageous
    Hi @Lou67 thanks for your encouragement, I'm glad you had some success with your MR :) And I hope all goes well for you at appeal too 
  • Lou67
    Lou67 Member Posts: 906 Pioneering
    Aww thanks it’s a great help been able to get taxis everywhere I need to go, don’t give up first time I applied in 2017 I got nothing after assessment or MR but got awarded at tribunal, let’s no how you get on take care😊


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