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Short story

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              Jay's Dream

Born in America, lived a young man named Jay, Jay was an extraordinary man with Cerebal Palsy. He was a man with many aspirations of writing his own songs and lyrics. Jay had been interested in singing and songwriting in his teenage years.

After spending hours searching the web, he found a professional who was trained in teaching others how to write their own lyrics. and with producing their own music. He contacted the singer-songwriter and producer and agreed to meet him at his music studio the following week. After a week of nervous excitement, Jay finally met the man who he didn’t know was to change his life. In their first encounter, Jay explained to the singer-songwriter and producer, James, what he would like to gain out of this. He described the way he grew up being told that he was not going to make a career out of being a singer-songwriter. James made sure Jay understood it what it was going to take to become a singer-songwriter, James said there are going up and downs on the journey to becoming a singer-songwriter. There may be days you feel like crying. The two agreed to meet twice a week, every week, rain or shine.

After a month’s and 8 four-hour sessions in the music studio with James. Jay started finding himself in excruciating pain with his vocal cords because he was not used to singing for that long. He began making excuses in order to avoid attending the music studio. James knew immediately that Jay was beginning to give up on this dream. One day James paid a visit to Jay at his parents’ house. Where Jay had locked himself in his bedroom. James knocked on Jay’s bedroom door and asked if he could come into his bedroom. Jay was slow in coming to open his bedroom door. James walked into Jay’s bedroom and shut the door behind himself. 

James then asked if he could sit Jay on his bed so he could talk to him. James noticed Jay had posters of his favourite singer-songwriter who was called Ed Sheeran. He desired to be like his inspiration for writing and singing his own songs. James asked Jay, “Do you reckon your hero, Ed Sheeran, gave up on his singing and songwriting when things got tough?”Jay answered no,  James, determined to get Jay back into James music studio, explained that he should keep trying. ‘It doesn’t matter how many times get knocked back, you must prove to the world anything is possible, set your mind to do anything and you will achieve anything and everything’. Jay replayed these words in his head over and over again before agreeing to return to the music studio the following day.

 Jay had tears in his eyes and he thanked James for heartfelt but true words. James gave Jay a hug mate while telling Jay we all face difficulties and failures on the road to succeeding. 

More determined than ever to succeed. He knuckled down and grafted hard to get a foot into the music industry. Jay worked tirelessly, with James giving input and advice on how to improve his songs and lyric writing. 

After weeks of re-entering the music studio. James suggested to Jay that he get his first song played on local radio 8 weeks later if he could get his song written and sung and put on the song put on to CD. James loved listening to Jay’s voice which sounded sweet and melodious when Jay sang.

Eight weeks later James was able to burn the song onto a CD. This was before James was able to create the front cover for Jay’s first single which had Jay’s face on it and the single was called Difficulties I have Faced. All the songs were about the difficulties he had faced in his life and how he overcame his difficulties. 

James was able to send Jay’s first single to the local radio station, which was called  Creative FM. Within the first few weeks of the song’s airplay on Creative FM Jay’s first single was topping the local and national music charts. 

Jay and James did not expect Jay’s first music single to take the music scene by storm liked it had. Jay had even been nominated for national music awards which were called River Music Awards. Jay won the nominated national music awards, which was the beginning of Jay’s success. This further accelerated Jay’s musical career. 

Then Jay decided to set up a music school to help other people who need support with writing and producing their own music. 

I would appreciate receiving views from the scope community on my short story I have just written    




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