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Adult autism assessment

JazCo Community member Posts: 48 Courageous

My step mum made a connection to my behaviour and experiences since I was a child to autism when she was researching it for her son (now diagnosed at 10) and saw similarities in me.
We concluded I've basically taught myself to be socially acceptable so have fallen under the radar for autism. 
I've been diagnosed with depression and social anxiety disorder and tried medication and cbt (neither worked) and I think it's because I was treating anxiety completely but some of my issues are autism and anxiety has come from hiding my autism my whole life and feeling like an awful human being instead of just being non-neurotypical.
I've lost jobs that I know see is for reasons relating to symptoms of autism, including employment with a disability advocacy service who could have easily supported me had they known it was not personality defects but disability related. 
I havent held down a job for longer than a year and am currently unemployed and struggling to find work. 

I am on the waiting list for assessment but it's a SIX YEAR waiting list. 
NAS have suggested trying to get my gp to refer out of area for lower waiting time and a friend who has recently been diagnosed suggested seeing the mental health team for my anxiety and asking them to refer me for assessment sooner. 
I was wondering if anyone has had to follow these routes and what their experiences are? 
I expect roughly a year waiting but 6 seems excessive and trying to find other options. Private is not an option sadly. 



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