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Social Housing and Mutual Exchange Scheme

So... my disabled husband has been housed separately from us, in a housing association flat... it's not a very workable situation, because I am still his sole carer... so we're still trying to explore all our options for the future. I came across some information about exchanging housing association homes, but I can't tell whether he would be eligible to exchange... I have been trying to get hold of an advisor on shelter or CAB, but no luck as yet...

What we need to know is whether he would be eligible to move from a one bedroom housing association flat, to a four bedroom housing association house? That would allow him to have his own space, but also, allow us to continue to live together, and allow me to care for him more easily.

Also... does anyone know whether it is likely to be more complicated to move from England to Wales (hertfordshire to cardiff)? 


  • 5imply_Ted
    5imply_Ted Member Posts: 32 Courageous
    Hi, I've been using the homeswapper social housing exchange system for over 25 years, moving 5 times.  Although in theory your scenario would be perfectly acceptable because it is ultimately up to the tenants who are swapping to decide, I have never come across anyone who would contemplate exchanging their 4 bed for a 1 bed. You would have to be extremely fortunate with the right person, needing the right area in the right downsizing circumstances. 

    You should still put up a profile if you haven't already and see what you can match with, you might find something at least acceptable and you never know your luck. I wish you well.

    I would imagine that in your circumstances it might be more productive to push for a transfer from the housing association - contact your local councillor and explain the situation. He/she will then usually informally get in touch with someone at the HA on your behalf (I've had success with this myself).

    PS. No complications with England/Wales
  • janer1967
    janer1967 Member Posts: 16,385 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi and welcome to the community, I am not that familiar with the housing swap schemes but as advised above I would have thought it would be very difficult to find somebody. willing to swap a 4 bedroom house for 1 bed room flat, maybe a swap isnt the best option

    Is the house you live in a better swap ? it may just be worth applying from scratch in the area you want t move to


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