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Mandatory Reconsideration Results and Full Timeline

FairHairedFoodie Member Posts: 28 Courageous
First of all, I'd like to thank this forum and everyone who assisted me on it as I navigated my first ever PIP application. The process was lengthy and the fight took a great deal out of my already fragile disposition, but in the end I prevailed.

A brief backstory:: I am situated in a South London borough and was, at the time of application, under the care of the borough's community mental health team and assigned a social worker. I have since been referred back to my GP. My diagnosis of rapid cycle BP2 with OCD in the form of Trichotillomania (hair pulling) was made in 2005. A diagnosis of Agoraphobia and CCPD was made in 2011. The combination of these diagnosis' and their effect on my daily living and mobility are significant.

Today I received the Mandatory Reconsideration Notice stating that my appeal was successful and my PIP benefits will be increased to enhanced daily living and standard mobility, with back pay deposited on Monday.

This is my timeline from day one through to the final decision:

Nov 29 2019: Called for initial phone interview

Dec 5 2019:
Received paper application

Jan 3 2020:
Mailed paper application and supporting documentation back

Jan 9 2020:
Received text from DWP acknowledging receipt of the above

Apr 15 2020:
Received text message from IAS for telephone interview/consultation, IAS interview/consultation scheduled for April 20 2020

Apr 20 2020:
IAS assessor called at the appointed time, however, this went south quickly as the assessor stated she could not identify me

Apr 20 2020: I called IAS back and lodged a formal complaint, and an IAS manager rang 3-hours later with an apology. The assessment was rescheduled for the next morning with a different assessor.

Apr 21 2020 Telephone assessment completed, which took 52-minutes.

April 22 2020 Received text message that DWP received the written assessment. Called DWP and was told a copy of it would be posted to me today.

April 29, 2020: Rang DWP as the assessment report had not been received and was told a decision had already been made on April 28, 2020. Over the phone I was told an award of standard daily was given, with zero points for mobility, and I should receive a letter shortly. 

May 7, 2020: Hired a solicitor to draft a Mandatory Reconsideration request on my behalf.

July 7, 2020: The formal MR was submitted with notations of extensive case law and how it applied to each descriptor of my claim. [The MR submission after the 30-day deadline was accepted without issue due to CV19.]

July 31, 2020: The MR Notice arrived notifying me of a turnover of the origianl decision with a new award of enhanced daily living and standard mobility, which were the awards I requested. The award is through to 2022.

So there it is, my full journey. Once again, thank you all and I sincerely wish everyone all the very best!



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